Life is so full. There are so many things i could be doing now. Many of which are good.

When i think: “If i could do whatever i wanted right now for the next 3 days what would i do?”

This is my list, in order

1. lie around and watch movies and tv shows (scrubs, A. Development, Cosby…)
2. call friends back in America (call me on my vonage- it’s easy) and/or email people (my email works this year)
3. sleep
4. write (blogs, devos, journal, books).
5. play bball (though i’d have to do a lot to get into shape too).
6. go shopping and make American food
7. prep for ministry
8. just hang out with people here- chill
9. read – a lot
10. spend extra time in the Word
11. work-out
12. listen and buy music

Most of these things i want to do just to cross off a to do list.

yet, there are so many more important things to do. Share the Gospel, build into people, build movements. The reality is- that is what i want to do most.

but these other things must get done too. Quadrant 2 activities breathe life into us. The problem is, i get bogged down by all the urgent things, that when i do have free time, i wind up wasting most of it.

i wish i would do those things i say i want to do, and develop as a person. And i hope to keep the main thing the main thing.

In reality, i could do whatever i wanted to do. And i do. No one makes me do anything. i choose how i will spend my time, and i pray i will use it wisely


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