the things we fear

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

The aftermath of an event like VaTech could lead to fear. We want to prevent something like this happening again, so we take precautions and exhibit less and less trust in others.

Fear is a powerful thing. It is cripling even. When fear dominates our lives, we don’t let others in. We don’t act. We don’t trust others.

We fear rejection, we fear hurt, we fear our own inadequacy.

i don’t think we think too much about how much fear directs our decisions and day-to-day living.

What we need is not to live in fear, but with courage- even if something bad has happened before, that something good can happen now.

i am a very trusting person, probably to a fault. Some may call me naive. i don’t worry if the door is unlocked. i don’t questions others’ motives. i don’t create a long password for anything. Sometimes my trust in others leads me to problems, but i wouldn’t want to live any other way.

It’s true we cannot fully trust people. They will let us down, they will do things we’d never imagine. But we can trust God to bring us thru any and every situation.

This week we are having a killing the giants week, and we pray we’ll be stepping out in faith and letting God conquer our fears. And i pray day by day, i’ll walk in faith knowing God did not give us a spirit of fear, bu of power and love and sound mind…


2 thoughts on “the things we fear

  1. i’ve considered tatooing that verse on my forehead- it may help me to finally stop caring what others think or expect of me. ; ) hope those giants come tumbling down, too!

  2. when i saw what movie you were watching [for this post] i thought to myself “damn you snakes… damn you!” but then the post was a lot more serious than the outtakes from that movie.

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