My dilema: to be stupid or lazy

To be seen as stupid or lazy? Which would you choose?

This has been a debate in my mind over the last several years. In college, I started skipping class, and not studying because in my mind, it felt better if people thought I was lazy than realizing I was stupid.

I once had a professor tell me I was an A student doing C work. Honestly, I thought I was a C/D student doing F work. I got an A in the class, but I don’t know how. I think it was one of 5 classes I got higher than a C.

I started doing bad in class, and I didn’t want the truth to come out- I’m dumb.

See, in highschool, people thought I was smart because I was quiet. But not really the case. I figured if I’m not going to be all that bright, I might as well have some fun.


I guess it’s kinda like- would I rather people think me attractive , but have a bad personality or have a good personality, but ugly. I’d rather girls thought I was good-looking. My personality could be changed.


In reality, I feel personality is more important. I also feel like being a hard-worker is more important. So, instead of working on my appearance, I work on my personality. And though I give a pretense of being lazy, I work hard.

So, it kinda stings when people think I’m lazy- even if I’m perpetuating that thought- because I think I’m pretty hard-working.


I guess in the ideal world, I’d like people to think I’m both smart and hard-working. Maybe I’m neither.
Or an ideal world no one would make those judgements, but as in a previous post, we know people make labels…

So, I guess I’ll continue to perpetuate that I’m lazy- because to most people, that also means I’m fun. And then try not to worry what people think of me…


… but I suppose that is the solution all along….




4 thoughts on “My dilema: to be stupid or lazy

  1. i’m so confused by this post. i don’t think you’re lazy or dumb. or stupid or whatever. i can imagine it stings when people think you’re lazy but who thinks your lazy? i think that’s silly.

  2. i would rather people think I am lazy that dumb. maybe because I value intelligence higher than a puritan work ethic? Maybe because I am an ENFP and we can SOMETIMES (although i am sensitive to the lazy label.. actually more the “irresponsible label” i don’t usually get lazy as a label”) choose fun and people over working hard. But then I am also challenged that definitions of what is lazy and what isn’t lazy is a cultural thing in some ways and defined differently by different places and I don’t think our USA – workaholic culture is healthy. And I came from Miami and on a regular basis am being told by my team here that i work TOO hard and TOO much. So when around americans.. you can feel lazy… but.. are you? What does the rest of the world think? You look stressed? overworked? little time for people and to enjoy life? I haven’t disintangled why I think smarter is more important. I am sure that would be as messy as the above paragraph.Oh and I am going to take your word on how people don’t get the idea of vonage very well. I am going to construct a very careful email to help them understand .. maybe with a competition for people to call me.. maybe with diagrams.. we shall see.. 🙂

  3. i would rather be seen as lazy than stupid…and I think I can pull that off pretty well. Or do. For the record, you are both attractive and have a great personality. And great sense of humor. And you’re Indian, so you’ve got to be smart, right?

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