My type

Last week, Bridget was telling me she wanted to set me up with a girl she knew- based on girls she had known that I had interest in. I just looked at Billy and asked his take. He said no.

The girls were outraged, as billy barely knew the girl. But I still figured I’d probably listen to him over what the girls said.


Clearly Billy was basing it on appearance, and to some it seemed mean, and to others they couldn’t understand.

Then Billy said she wasn’t my type. To which the girls said “What’s his type?” and Billy responded: “PERFECTION!”


I had to laugh. Its’ probably true. And it is a slam on me, which makes it funny.


In the end though, there are certain girls I find attractive and others I don’t. It’s not that a girl is ugly if I don’t find her attractive- I just don’t.

It kinda sucks I know. I mean, it has happened to me. I’ve liked girls, who just, must have not found me attractive. I mean, they thought I was a great guy, had fun with me, would set me up with a friend, but they didn’t like me.

The thought that I must be ugly crossed my mind and the insecurities raced!


But just because a person doesn’t find me attractive doesn’t mean I am unattractive. I’m just unattractive to that person.

Same can be said about girls I’ve encountered in my life. They just weren’t my type. Other girls may have been physically attractive, but weren’t my type in other ways.


Let’s just admit it. We have types. There are certain things we look for. There are certain things that turn us off. It’s ok. We’re not bad people. I hope we have standards. And my biggest fear is settling. I want God’s best for me. I’m willing to wait. I trust Him. I don’t want to be picky- some say I am. I still think I am waiting on God, because He has something in store for me.


I must admit, I fear being single my whole life, I mean life doesn’t seem to have many options for me. I fear my mom won’t get a grandchild or a daughter to replace the one she lost- and that, more than my lonliness- angers me toward God, but still I trust Him.


Neil Clark Warren says to have ten must haves and ten can’t have’s…. here are mine


  1. Passion for God & His Word
  2. Willing to go anywhere, heart for the nations
  3. smiles a lot/joyful/energetic/laughs a lot
  4. good listener/question asker/remembers
  5. attractive (which generally means thin, short).
  6. encouraging
  7. affirming
  8. open & honest/transparent & vulnerable
  9. gives feedback/likes me
  10. heart for prayer

Tend to be

  1. expressionate
  2. artistic/writing
  3. have similar taste in entertainment
  4. blunt- or as one girl liked to say: straightforward- doesn’t pull punches
  5. brownish hair, often short

Can’t haves

  1. extremely quiet
  2. extremely loud
  3. independent
  4. impatient
  5. anal about time and cleanliness- a J type
  6. complains a lot
  7. un-lady like
  8. vegan/vegetarian
  9. taller than me/bigger than me
  10. differing theologies


6 thoughts on “My type

  1. ha, like it. and for the record, i wasn’t upset that billy thought you wouldn’t find her attractive. i was upset billy spoke about someone he doesn’t really know and not sure he’s ever met. but again,  he did remember her name, which says something, right???

    and yeah, i’m no matchmaker. i’m done w/that.

  2. You are a fascinating person Mookie. I can’t wait to see you in Korea…right?I think we have a lot of similar tastes and personality too, so maybe that is why I can read what you write and say, yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Even your lists for the most part….you forgot an important can’t have…no man hands.

  3. types are fine but you might want to go on a date with her yourself before you let someone else judge if she’s your type or not. It’s hard to live up to two people’s perception of perfection. ha.

  4. well bridge does know my subconscious “do i remember her name or not?” rule, and i must say that at first i couldn’t put a name with a face in this particular case. i had to check facebook [can anyone say free-harmony] to remember accurately…anyway, it’s good to know yourself, especially about girls. oh, and is this your way of starting to post about girls? aka what andy brandt was doing before he got engaged/married? if so, it’s a brilliant plan.

  5. OK, so I could have been the perfect girl for you in college. LOL. What are you trying to say? Since you didn’t like me back then, was it because I was too loud and obnoxious? ;-P
    Nah but seriously…you will find the one, Mookie. And I can’t wait to see who she is because she will be AMAZING! Anyone worthy enough to be with you just has to be! 🙂
    Miss you, bud!

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