the one that could have been

I could be on a plane right now. If I had gone thru with my original plan to go to X-track this summer. I would been on the plane to America right now. I would have stayed for Ben’s bday, then left to give me some time before X-track started.

But, somewhere along the line, I felt like I should go to Korea this summer. There were so many good reasons. And I plead my case, and I got permission to delay X-track one year.


Now, as I thought I might, I feel like I should be careful what I wish and ask for. Our stu’s may not go to Korea- though I guess it would still be good to be there for TL/ATL training, though I have no idea who the ATL will be. And it should still be good for me….


But I could be on a plane heading back to America right now. My year would be done. Done would be all the responsibility. Gone would be all the pressure and stress. Life would still have difficulties I’m sure, but it sure would seem easier. Communication with friends would be somewhat easier, and I could see my folks and some friends rather easily. And I wouldn’t have to deal with all the problems my computer gives me. And I could have met some girls at X-track


It’s not that I don’t like it here, I’m just tired. Especially after the craziness of last week and what this week seems to promise to bring… and then 4 more weeks?

Of course I am the one who is supposed to motivate others to keep going, which makes this all the more fun.



I suppose the alternatives always look more appealing to me. Good things are happening here. And I am still holding onto hope that our stus will be in Korea too. Life should slow down at some point. And Korea should be good for me and I hope to see many friends there too.


On a brighter note, here are a couple pictures from Everest



4 thoughts on “the one that could have been

  1. But instead you get to party with all of us in Korea 🙂 Do xtrack next summer. It is fun. But we only had 1 marriage come out of it… so odds still aren’t great. 🙂 2% haha.

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