My time in Tibet and Everest


I’m back from my adventures.

Mt Everest is pretty incredible. We were quite fortunate to actually see the peak. I took over 300 pictures…


We took the train- which passes 16,000 feet- the highest elevated train in the world- I guess some people have died on the train… but we didn’t have any trouble… it was a pretty smooth ride with some pretty cool scenery- I recommend this 25 hour train trip. (some pics from the train)



We spent a day in Lhasa, then took two days to get to Base Camp

Base camp is about 16,600 feet, and we climbed up to 17,700.

In the midst of seeing the grandeur and the glory of the mountain, I was put in awe of God’s greatness and glory even more.

Some were blown away by the sight, and thankful for the experience, but truly I was more thankful for the work God has done in my life and done here, and the friends He has given me – these things are so much greater.

The mountains are a simple creation of our mighty God. They reflect His glory. And the mountains and all of creation will bow down to our great God!

We thought about how people looked to the mountains for help. And I found it quite interesting how people could praise a mountain, and forget about the wonderful God who is so much greater.

I stopped for a bit and journaled and read a couple of Psalms as i viewed this:

Here’s a portion:


You have sustained me & kept me healthy. You have provided some beautiful shots, food, water, the air we breathe

Without air, without oxygen we die, and so when we sing You are the air I breathe, it means we cannot live without you. I need You!

There are so many majestic mountains, but they pale in comparison to Your glory and majesty.

You created the expanse that is this bright blue sky. You formed the mountains with Your hands. Your blow the majestic, puffy white clouds from place to place. You are God!

… Who am i? I am so small. In the midst of a clear sky like last night and we see the stars- oh there are multitudes upon multitudes. What is man that You are mindful of him?

You created such beauty. You are wrapped in splendor. And Your throne is an everlasting throne.

You are king and God. You are worthy of all praise!




Tibet was a pretty lively place. The place is completely saturated with Buddhism and filled with idols. We went into the temples and all I could do was pray that the idols would fall and that God would bring people to worship Him.


I was pretty surprised by how modern Tibet was, and all the foreigners. I felt privileged to see yet another place that many long to go to. Oh the places God takes me.


6 thoughts on “My time in Tibet and Everest

  1. One of my good friends is in the Lhasa teaching English. Would be funny if two of my friends that didn’t know each other met on the other side of the world!

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