Daniella left this morning we “songed” her to the airport… so we sang a few songs- which included
“closing time” by semisonic
“so long, farewell” from the sound of music
“good riddance” by green day
“bye bye bye” by the backstreet boys and of course
“friends are friends forever ” and “pray for me” by Michael W Smith.

Just about every Asian person in town came by to say goodbye

Ben leaves on friday. Things will look a lot different.
And i feel like things have already fallen apart.

It was a sad day.

Maybe even more sad, this seems normal to me. This has been my life the last ten years (and even before that i suppose). Saying goodbye or seeya later. i love the song closing time… it fits so well… every new beginning is some other new beginnings end.

Daniella and Ben really have had huge impact here the last two years. i wish i could take credit for good teams and/or the formation of the movement, but those two have had the bigger influence on the teams and the campus. i guess i’m like the head coach who had incredible assitant coaches and incredible players. They make me look good, better than i am.

Daniella was a great ACD, she gave me much support and encouragement. She led by example. She served. She loved. She was faithful. She will be missed.

So, pray for us, we’ll need it.


8 thoughts on “

  1. It offends me that you’ve attributed ‘Bye Bye Bye’ to Nick Carter and those other punk BSB’s. Now go appologize to JustiN, ChriS, LanceteN, JoeY, and J.C. (last letter of their first names spells NSYNC, so what if they had to change Lance’s name). I bought you a present this weekend. How do I send it to you?

  2. Sad times Mookie. I wish I could be there to give you a hug. True that this is the nature of being on staff…it seems like there is always someone leaving. Thankfully God brings others in as well…the tough part is keeping contact with all those people. We have limits, sadly.
    Liz, no shame whatsoever on that one. Like Turk on Scrubs, I defy anyone to keep from dancing when that song comes on!

  3. i am amazed at how many commented about N’Sync… though not surprised that erik would… and i love how Ken referenced Scrubs (i don’t know if i’ve ever laughed harder than that episode either)- greatets tv show ever!

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