On appreciation

We’re not a culture that is quick to give compliments. We’re quick to give criticism and complaints and correcting. But not compliments.

Often, we wait to tell people things- like when they’re about to leave, about to get married, about to die… yeah, the time we tend to be most encouraging is at one’s funeral.

So sad.

i was talking with a good friend in America who has noticed how every article these days comes with an opportunity to give your opinion. And it is mostly just criticism

i was talking to another friend who is a doctor, who said the life of a doctor is going to change. It used to be, being a doctor was well-respected. But nowadays, who wants to be a doctor- all they get are lawsuits. No one really appreciates them. It is similar to an episode of scrubs. JD awaits for Jason Bateman to say thank you and show him the appreciation he deserves for all the work he put in. But Bateman says “Why should i thank you for doing your job? No one thanks me for doing my job”

We just expect people to do things, and do it perfectly.

Honestly, for me it becomes harder to do good- maybe this is why Paul said do not grow weary in doing good, for there is much reward… it just may not be in this life i guess.

Moms and Dads at least get mothers day and fathers day… but we shouldn’t just wait for that time either.

i thrive off of appreciation, and affirmation. i think we should encourage more often, i know it helps me. And yet, i also see that this can be a crippling…

We need to learn to love and serve and help others regardless of response. 
But we also need to learn to show appreciation and give compliments more often. I think it is ok to be critically minded at times, but not a critical spirit. And sure people should do their job, but we all appreciate appreciation. Have you ever been encouraged too much? Liklihood neither have other people. i encourage you to encourage others!


6 thoughts on “On appreciation

  1. Bro, i was thinking (and reading) about this very thing on the bus to work today.  In our org we are the worst.  We critic every talk, confernence, p&w set, etc.  Heb 10:24ish says we are to encorage one another all the more as we see the Day (of His glorious appearing) approaching and in 3:13 it says we are to encorage one another daily as long as it is called Today.   You are a stud. I am encouraged by your blog and by your faithfulness in serving him.

  2. I think this is why I started reading your blog to begin with – it encouraged me, made me laugh, or made me think – or at least gave me some insight into a different generation
    So, for as much encouragement as you can derive from a blog comment from a person you don’t really know – know that you have been prayed for that God will uphold you with His mighty right hand, that you will finish this project strong

  3. Mookie, I want to compliment you on bringing up things that matter…and even goes for relating things to Scrubs, which I also find so close to many things in life. I appreciate that you are willing to talk about a lot of things people think about but rarely have the guts (or other parts) to bring up. And you are always so honest and humble. I mean, yeah, you are still fallen and fall short, but I really appreciate how God works in you and uses that to challenge others.You challenge me frequently. Thanks!

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