On playing favorites

 Sometimes I think I
don’t give compliments and encouragements because I am afraid by saying
something nice about one person may make other people sad.

I mean. I’ve heard people say that after encouragement
bombardments some people feel discouraged because they didn’t get the
encouragement that others did.

But I guess, here goes

My wedding party

I feel like this changes every year. I’ve been asked to be
in 15 wedding parties. God has blessed me with a ton of good friends.

I’m not sure how many I’d ask, but here are the front

  1. Paul
  2. brack
  3. Kevin
  4. brent
  5. marc
  6. B
    after that…
    maybe a couple Michigan
  7. erik
  8. sean
    or a couple of staff guys
  9. Scott
  10. Ken
    or maybe my 3 best friends from college
  11. messmer
  12. mark
  13. wheeler
    or if I wanted some color
  14. Al
  15. EJ

Funniest people (i came up with 60 people who i think are pretty funny…here are the top twenty)

  1. Matt
  2. John
  3. Will
    they stand alone
  4. Kevin
  5. Char
  6. erik
  7. scholten
  8. Pitchford
  9. VanFossen
  10. Karen
  11. Marc
  12. Greg
  13. Ken
  14. EJ
  15. Dimkoff
  16. Scott
  17. Al
  18. Wagner
  19. Luczywo
  20. Berg

People I’d enjoy spending time with- mostly b/c they laugh a lot, unfortunately a lot of these people i don’t spend any time with at all now… and maybe that is why some of these people are so high on the list…

  1. Scholten
  2. J
  3. Kevin
  4. Mark
  5. Karen
  6. Sean b
  7. Luczywo
  8. Marc
  9. Dueck
  10. Al
  11. Erica
  12. Matt
  13. Crosby
  14. Berg
  15. Illner
  16. Greg
  17. Brent
  18. Paul
  19. B
  20. Lizzy

Best to talk about God

  1. Mark
  2. Jon
  3. Marc
  4. Berg
  5. Paul
  6. Paula
  7. karen
  8. erica
  9. EJ
  10. Sean b
  11. erik
  12. Houdashelt
  13. John
  14. Scholten
  15. Matt

 most encouraging

  1. beth Richardson
  2. megan
    sights preston
  3. Karen
  4. Sean b
  5. jenny
  6. beth S
  7. mark

best listener

  1. paula
  2. brent
  3. Karen
  4. jenny
  5. Mark


– yeah right, i’m not going to tell you that!


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