the one where we’re like lost

We also watch the show lost a lot, we’re consumed by it, and about to catch up to the rest of the world, so don’t say anything.
Sometimes i feel like people are more concerned about lost the tv show, than the actual lost souls all around us. We talk about lost, the tv show, make our schedule around it, and speak of it passionately, but do we do such with the lost around us? Something to think about

Life here can kinda be like lost. We’re in the middle of nowhere, separated from friends and often feel like the outside world. We can’t drink the water, we eat the same thing every day, we miss food, don’t have toilets to use, hot showers can be scarce, we’re living with people we don’t really know all that well, and getting to know them, and working towards a mission.
Seriously, life on STINT should be a tv show
Oh, and the summer students arrived recently, and one guy is named Steve, i have called him Scott at lesst 6 times…

More comparisons
– the doctor leader who looks out for everyone, keeps everyone from killing one another, always looking for something or someone to fix, can’t say no to an opportunity to help, and sometimes feels alone because of being such a strong leader…. Dr. Jack Shepher or Dr. Daniella Frank?

– the guy who will make fun of people, has an opinion on everything, loves the attention, and a natural leader and influencer…. “Sawyer” or “Liam”?

– two folks who may be more critical to the health of the group more than anyone because they bring comic relief and fun, keep people from stressing out, keep the environment lose, tell stories, get people to laugh. Not natural leaders, but always join in when they can, and spend a lot of time with each other- oh one always has a guitar and the other has dark cruly hair… Charlie & Hurley or Steph and Christine?

– a guy who is independant but certainly sees his need for people, mystical and spiritual, extremely intelligent, but some of his thoughts are way out there, and death certainly doesn’t scare him… Locke or Buehler?

– a quiet girl, who is quite talented and intelligent. She has some spunk, though may stay behind the scenes… Sun or Julie?

– there is a couple who do have a lot of faith, who help people out a lot, without much appreciation, and even though he may have a brilliant idea, many don’t join in, but they do love each other… Rose & Bernard or Erika & Mark?

– There’s one who’s not against them, actually is quite helpful when they interact, Very creative even, and more experience, but we hardly see them… Russo or the Ecks

i’m sure we could go further…


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