My last 2 weeks

I guess I have about 2 weeks left here, but this about what
my last 2 weeks have been like.

Yesterday was the last day of class- what a great feeling!

But, it hasn’t been all that great these weeks. Really for
about a month I’ve felt sick, fatigued all the time, lack of energy and pooped
a lot.

We joke a lot about having worms here. Last year, Ben &
Angie even named the worm in their stomach… at first I thought it was just
normal sickness, but three weeks later I began wondering if I had a worm, I got
better for a lil bit, but then started feeling sick again…

The other night I found myself pouring water from the tap-
WHAT? I don’t know what I was thinking, I hope I haven’t done that before,
maybe that is why I am sick…

Not only that, it feels like my body has decided for me it
needed to adjust back to America
time. I wake up real early in the morning, then wind up falling asleep in the
afternoon, and then can’t sleep at night.

It was so bad, that one afternoon, I started falling asleep
on the toilet.

I do think about going back to America, as soon as I get home, I get
on another plane to attend a friend’s wedding. 1 in the afternoon is 1am here-
the way my body is now, I’ll be wide awake… and at night I should be ready for
bed… maybe I never really adjusted…

Ben & Daniella left already, I like being here, but I
think I could have gone back to the states at the same time. Regardless, with
them gone, I have more freedom, more free time, and have become more
introverted. Billy was gone for a few days and/or gone for good portions of the
evening a couple nights- all on the nights I usually am home, so I was stuck
here by myself- AND I LOVED IT!

I know, most people hate living by themselves and talk about
how lonely they get or stir-crazy- but I absolutely love it. I don’t feel bad
for taking naps, I can be as loud as I want, I can walk around naked, I know my
mess is my mess, and I don’t have to clean up after others, There is so much
freedom, and so much alone time to process and think – it’s great!

I guess I am an introvert…

I don’t know, the last few weeks have gone by both quickly
and slowly, but I certainly look forward to them going by fast, though, I’m not
really sure why…

It has been fun though too… I’ve watched a lot of movies,
finally got my yahoo music to work on my computer, ate a lot of home made pizza
(we have to finish all the cheese we bought – I’m making BBQ chik pizza for
some guys tonight) and have had a lot of laughs…

Top 30 Songs in the last few weeks

  1. You
    never let go – Matt Redman
  2. work –
    jars of clay
  3. You
    make everything glorious – DCB
  4. Gotta
    have you – the weepies
  5. Nobody
    knows me at all – the weepies
  6. How to
    save a life – the fray
  7. mirros
    and smoke – jars of clay
  8. Help –
    the beatles
  9. someday
    – the afters
  10. she is
    – the fray
  11. Take
    me out – Franz Ferdinand
  12. soul
    meets body – death cab
  13. Center
    – Charlie Hall
  14. Collide
    – Howie Day
  15. overkill
    – colin Hay
  16. Trouble
    in here – howie Day
  17. Marvelous
    love – Chris tomlin
  18. It
    ends tonight – all American rejects
  19. You
    are my joy-DCB
  20. Is it
    any wonder – keane
  21. In the
    rough – anna Nalick
  22. glorious
    – chris tomlin & Christy nickels
  23. dead
    man- jars
  24. sound
    of settling – death cab
  25. made
    to worship – Chris Tomlin
  26. Our
    lives – the calling
  27. I’ll
    be – Ed McCain
  28. It’s
    not over – Daughtry
  29. world
    spins madly on – the weepies
  30. she
    says – Howie Day

I guess I feel like in America there won’t be so much
pressure to do things, less responsibilities, better food, my mom and/or
friends taking care of me, more freedom, a language I can understand, hopefully
better health and good friends… but I suppose the 5 weeks I have in America could
be crazy too…. Call me!


One thought on “My last 2 weeks

  1. hey mookie! i have some de-worming pills. tons and tons of them. ill bring them to korea if you need it. also, i need to get off my butt to write an entry. everytime i read your blog, i feel motivated to start and entry, but i just don’t know where to start. any ideas?

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