My Everest

While at Everest, I began to think about what my personal
Everest would be. You know the most difficult thing that would take great
energy and devotion, and would be the accomplishment that could define your
life and/or set your life on course… or maybe if I can just do this one thing,
then I can do anything…

Well, for Michael J Fox on scrubs it was to use the outdoor
For me? I don’t know.

What is your personal Everest?

Maybe getting married… Maybe leading a T to Christ… Maybe
going up to some random hot girl and start talking to her and ask her out…
Shoot, I want to do that, but I don’t think I ever could… maybe that is it…


I still think the hardest thing for me to do is to confront
an individual. Maybe a guy I am discipling during a discipleship appointment…
even then it’s difficult. I may give some correction and challenge during a
vision plan… And I don’t have a too difficult time with the Asian students, and
some of my guys at Purdue… but most people – can’t do it.

It’s not too hard if it is a general challenge or a group
rebuke… but a specific person a specific rebuke… I think about it forever, I
avoid the person, I avoid the conflict…

I guess I have done it before, and it didn’t turn out too
well… so maybe it’s not my personal Everest, it is more like a personal snake-
the thing I fear and avoid the most…


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