the one before Korea (or the last one from my beautiful hometown for the year)

i love the song closing time- well the line that says: every new begining is some other new beginning’s end.
We’ve reached the end here, it has been great. i think the song i would really use to close off the year would be: Good Riddance by green day… and the song that has been the theme of my year would definitly be “You Never let go” by Mayy Redman… so true of how God has treated me. Certainly these last few weeks, if not the last few months, i have pushed God aside for more pressing and urgent issues… and for the absolutely non-urgent/non-important things as well- but He has never let go of me!
Other songs on the soundtrack of the year would include:
Work by Jars of clay
You’re everything by David Crowder band
Winter by Joshua Radin
people-watching by Jack Johnson
geek in pink by Jason Mraz
Unashamed love by Ten shekel shirt
2-3 more from David Crowder band and Jars… and a bunch by death cab for cutie, the fray, postal service, and from the garden state soundtrack, maybe some sufjan and coldplay…
It’s funny, cuz i think of this as the end of the year, and September as next year… i guess i’m still on a school schedule- or a tv schedule…
the day to leave is finally upon us, i feel like life has been moving to this day for 4 days, if not a week… most of the stuff in my suitcase are gifts….
i’ll arrive back in America July 6. my parents are meeting me at the airport, but then i take off for my friend Tim’s wedding in DC almost immediately… Tim getting married may be the biggest miracle of the year!
but i am certainly looking forward to Korea. It is kind of a bummer that our students won’t be going with us, still i think it will be incredible! Worshipping with 18,000 people will not only be visionary, it will be heavenly… George Verwer is incredible, and i’ll know like 50-100 people there… and some of my really good friends… rock on!
much love folks, maybe i’ll see you soon!


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