the first one since returning to America

i’m back in the good ole US of A…

Korea was pretty great… i enjoyed seeing my friends… and some who i guess are friends, though i hadn’t seen or talked to them in two years – but that rocked too!
i don’t think i realized it, but the event may have been bigger than the Olympics… maybe i’ll find out next summer as i try to go….

the wedding was a ton of fun as well… there were people there i hadn’t seen in 3, 4, 5 years! Oh the memories we rehashed…

Since i’ve been back i have gone to a wedding, ate several doughnuts, received free food because we had to wait in line, had some trouble staying awake, gone on a roadtrip, drank water out of the tap and felt strange about it, read about a year’s worth of espn the magazine, and taken advantage of highspeed internet

i haven’t felt overwhelmed or overexcited about anything yet. i did love the breakfast with bagels and waffles and doughnuts. i did enjoy my deep dish Chicago style pizza, and i may have gone overboard on the strawberries and the cheese at the wedding, and it does feel strange to drink the water, but really i feel quite normal. It just took a day to sleep yesterday.

One of the biggest things is adjusting my english… here are a few words/phrases i may want to say

Hai Keyi (pronounced: high – Ku – yee) means ok or so-so
cha bu duo means more or less or same same
wei shenme (way – shema) means why
zhende (jen-da) means really! (also zhende ma- which is really?)
dui (dway) means yes

as well as code, that i won’t go into here

the 2nd thing is knowing how much to say to people. Sometimes i just don’t think.You know the first question people ask is how my year was- but what do i say to that? i mean the first questions you ask is always responded with a fine. So, you’ll need to ask me again or ask me to expound if you want more… i can tell you a ton… and show you pictures too.

So, give me some time, give me some grace, and don’t be surprised if i’m super excited about the food i eat…


6 thoughts on “the first one since returning to America

  1. amen! i speak so much chinglish and code and chinglicode. it’ll be good to see you guys in a couple weeks, speak whatever language comes first, and laugh about how weird we all are and how deathly afraid of tap water we all are. keep enjoying america mookie!

  2. i had to explain mafan to my family the other day. and my friends laughed at me in ihop the other night because i was just so excited about everything.  coming back to america is great 🙂

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