On being holy vs being normal

Well, i could go on & on right now about how i’ve been bored and sick of myself for wasting the limited time i got here… and how i should have gone to CSU… but i’ll post this other blog i wrote a while ago about holiness vs fittin in… i guess something else that can make me sick of myself…

Why do Christians have such an obsession with being normal?


I don’t care if I’m cheesy. I don’t care if I’m weird. God only cares if I’m holy.


I don’t need to be “normal” for people to come to Christ. I don’t need to be “cool.” People are not drawn to Christ because of me, they are drawn to Christ because of Him. And fortunately, there is nothing I can do to thwart God’s plan or God’s power.

So, this not a good excuse


I don’t know if my friends think I’m cheesy, though may think I am a cornball… I don’t think this is because I am a Christian, I just think there are people out there who are cheesy and who like cheesy things- just look at all the people who like Enrique Inglesis song “Hero”


And I guess some of my friends think I’m weird- they think I’m weird that I have chosen to live in Asia. They think it is weird I don’t oogle women. They think it is weird I don’t badmouth people but am generally patient with others. If they think I’m weird, it’s because  I don’t live like the world…


Though, it is rare that they think I’m weird or different. I’d like to think that means I relate to them, but it may just mean I compromise on holiness…


Really, the thing that strikes non-christians about Christians is not they are cheesy or weird- it’s that they are judgmental and hypocritical.


And we are- we talk about a joy that comes from Christ, then pursue pleasure in the same way the world does.

We talk about how great God is, then we invite them to church or some meeting that makes much of them.

We’re called to be holy- set apart from the world- but then we live our lives trying to be accepted by the world.


When we call people to Christ, we are calling them out of the world. We don’t tell them their life won’t change- it should! Jesus called people to die. We call people to do whatever they please as long as they say they believe.


The problem is, most Christians don’t want to give up their pleasure, their reputation, their life.

The problem is, we are in love with the world- which is enmity with God, and hatred.


Personally, I want to be different. I don’t want to be like the world. And yet, day by day, I live just like the world. I do all the same things the world does. I have the same dreams and pursuits. I am not willing to surrender it all to the Lord. My desire to be normal and accepted by the world, by other Christians kill me.


We see sin, and if it is socially acceptable, then we let it go… we let our brothers and sisters sin- though it dishonors God, we let it go. And then we join in. I think we must often hurt the heart of God.


God calls us to be holy. Holy means set apart. different. But most Christians are too in love with themselves, too in love with the world, too in love with being normal and fitting in- we do not think about holiness anymore.

We sing songs about holiness, but we don’t pursue it.

This is a problem. We do not value holiness anymore. We hide behind legalism (as i not being legalistic). We hide behind being relevent. We hide behind grace. We don’t hate sin. We don’t call others out sin. We let others go in their sin because we don’t want to rock the boat… and then eventually, that sin sneaks/seaps into our lives too.

Yes, we need to call others out on sin, and we can’t let it go… or it will take over all of us, just like it took over the Israelites.

May we pursue holiness!


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