My Indian family

Back in highschool i did a report on India, in the encylcopedia it told me if you go to an Indian house they will feed you a meal that will make you “fit to burst” and when you say you are full they will say “But you haven’t eaten a thing!”

Such is the case with all Indians i have met…


Today at lunch my mom made fish curry and indian food and such… my brother (who is visiting from Ca) and i were eating with our hands (of course) while my Dad was eating with a fork.

At this my mom calls him something to the equvalent of “white man”


After this my dad starts to talk about some white woman who is singing malayalam songs on you tube
Mom: “You tube?”
“You know what you tube is mom?”
“i thought it was a music group”


i have seen a lot of Indians- whether they are family or not- i’m not really sure… i mean my mom can tell me how i and any other Indian are related it seems…

One thing they do in India- and really all of Easten Asia – is they refer to anyone & everyone older as “Uncle or Auntie”
i wish they did that in the states- it would be so much easier. Say i forgot someone’s name… or what about one of the elders in the church that is now kind of a peer… or one of my friend’s parents…. i gotta say being on staff has messed me up on this one…

Of course the drawback to calling everyone uncle and auntie as a kid was- i don’t know who i’m actually related to…


One thought on “My Indian family

  1. fun post! my mom might not be indian, but i’m pretty sure she might say the same thing about “you tube”… about the doctor- if he weren’t married or old enough to be my father (and very good friends with a few other staff here in the midsouth) i might be tempted to think he was flirting with me…

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