the one with authority


There is no respect for authority these days. The word submit is evil. Church Discipline is controversial or not practiced. And parents are afraid to discipline their own kids too.


I suppose those put in authority have abused their positions. Referees bet on games. Priests molest children. Psychiatrists take advantage of their patients. Coaches get busted for DUI’s. Teachers don’t care. Parents divorce.


I suppose those in authority have lost our trust.


Or perhaps we just don’t like authority. We don’t like getting tickets for speeding. I guess we think we should be entitled to break the law. We don’t like it when our parents say no. We don’t like when anyone tells us what we ought or not do.


Simply, we- American society in particular (or Americans) – are prideful. We don’t take advice. We don’t take input. We don’t respect others. We don’t give people permission to speak into our lives. And we live in sin when we don’t submit to authority- and some even don’t submit to the authority of the Bible.


Sadly, this is far too often true. Once one falls into a sin they like, it doesn’t matter what the Bible says- we find ways to twist and contort the Scripture to fit our sin. And so, when a person comes to confront us- we reject it. We don’t submit to our brothers and sisters in Christ.


And then you get into the role of women… man, a big can of worms. Women leadership in a church? Wives submitting to their husband? I think there are some pretty clear things in the Word about some of this that I won’t go into here… but often I hear people talk about “conservative interpretation” and people have their own interpretation…


Rule-breakers are glorified in our society. People who do it their own way. But what about those who respect their leaders, those who follow the way of the Word and submit?


Authority is seen as evil. Those who are given authority dislike it. People who are under authority despise it. But God set up authority, we need to submit to His authority- and that which He has set up in our life


(My Dad was the authority figure when i was growing up. i didn’t always respect him, but i hope to now… he just turned 68 yesterday- Happy Birthday Dad!)


4 thoughts on “the one with authority

  1. I had a conversation about this with my high school Bible teacher amonth ago. Teaching at a VERY catholic high school here in Belize, I am bombarded with issues of authority. And my reformed presbyterian teacher really surprised me when he told me there should be a lot of authority in what you believe–a lot of times we protestants just simply say we{re christian and that{s it, but swerve off wherever we want when there is a doctirne we dont like. He summed it up with the phrase “believe what your bishop believes.” Does church authority fit into your post?

  2. certainly it applies to Church leadership, i think it may have been the main reason i thought of this post.
    The Bible is the ultimate authority of course.
    Some can abuse authority and some shouldn’t be trusted, but i think maybe we’ve gone too far in that regard

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