my travels

Well i’m about to head back to Asia… in just a bit actually, it will be a crazy few days… and it was a crazy 40 days while i was in the states…

i’m getting old, all the travels, and the little sleep killed me.

Plus going to see 6 people in a day and half was draining too.

Thanks to those who came out to visit, and those who housed me.

i saw like 30 friends or more…it’s pretty amazing all the people i’m still friends with…

most of us have gotten much fatter… and people seemed to become a more extreme version of themselves… and all of them seem so different from one another…

i love that part of my job is keeping up with people

but i don’t think i can do it what i did this summer again. And i didn’t even get to see everyone i wanted…

i didn’t even have time to jounral… or even think…

i think eventually i’ll come up with some blogs to write

but here’s the music i listened to as i drove all over the place (all over Indiana, into Cincinnati, and michigan and Chicgao and northern Il…)

  1. Hey there Delilah        – plain white T’s
  2. How far we’ve come  – Matchbox 20
  3. Big girls don’t cry       – Fergie
  4. Home                          – Daughtery
  5. Everything Glorious    – David Crowder band
  6. She says                      – Howie Day
  7. Made to worship         – Chris Tomlin
  8. How to save a life       – the fray
  9. with or without you    – Grits
  10. Everlasting God          – Chris Tomlin
  11. All at once                   – the fray
  12. Undeniable                  – Mat Kearny
  13. It ends tonight                        – All-American Rejects
  14. chasing cars                 – Snow Patrol
  15. It’s not over                – Daughtry
  16. The sweet escape        – Gwen Stefani
  17. Nothing left to lose     – Mat Kearny
  18. Thanks for the memories – Fallout boy
  19. I’m not who I was      – Brandon Heath
  20. keep holding on          – Avril
  21. who knew                   – Pink
  22. a paimting by Chagall – the weepies
  23. Brave                           – Nichole Nordeman
  24. first time                      – lifehouse
  25. Here (In your arms)     – Hellogoodbye
  26. gotta have you                        – the weepies
  27. Please forgive me        – David Gray
  28. come to the cross        – Michael w Smith
  29. gravity                         – John Mayer
  30. waiting on the world to change – John Mayer
  31. You are my joy           – DC Band
  32. Suddenly I see                        – KT Tunstell
  33. cable car                      – the fray
  34. Don’t give up              – SanctusReal
  35. dare you to move        – Switchfoot
  36. Bad day                      – Daniel Powter
  37. bullet                           – Mat Kearney
  38. Move along                 – All-American rejects
  39. all who are thirsty       – kutless
  40. crazy                            – Gnarles Barkley
  41. wait for you                – Eliot Yamin
  42. What I’ve done           – Linkin Park
  43. world spins madly on – the weepies
  44. Rockstar                      – Niceklback
  45. better days                  – goo goo dolls
  46. when you’re gone       – Avril
  47. The kill                        – 30 seconds to mars
  48. Irreplacable                 – Beyonce
  49. over you                      – Daughtry
  50. let love in                    – goo goo dolls


2 thoughts on “my travels

  1. How in the world can you remember all those songs and then list them? You are amazing. Eliot Yamin? No kidding! Reading all those songs reminds me of listening to the radio this past winter while I was home. I miss the radio. I know, I could listen online, but that’s no fun. Maybe its all about driving and singing that makes the radio so fun anyway.

  2. that’s one of the things i love about being home. the radio and listening to it in the car. and all the new music! wow!  haha so glad you enjoyed that too 🙂

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