MY apologies

by no means did i mean i would stop xangaing…

i will try to write every day for all my fans…

Here’s a story- last week i asked a friend to lead us in a time to pray… when it came time, i found out he thought i said a time of play… so when i thought we’ be done at 8:30-9, wound up 10-10:30…  it was the longest game ever… it was during this game where the girl said to me, “Your face is… funny-looking.”

Yesterday we were trying to put ink into an ink cartridge. i was explaining to my friends that i just buy new cartridges, because i think it is too messy- when all the ink exploded… my one friend holding the ink had a blue hand, while the guy sitting next to him had marks thar looked like moles on his face- he assured us his face was clean and they were not moles…

When one needed a pair of pants he said he needed size 24! We had nothing smaller than 32 in the house that i could find… it didn’t quite fit…

and i got my friends Purdue T-shirts- making Purdue known everywhere… they must love it, because they put it on the next day and haven’t taken them off since


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