My discoveries

 So when i went home this summer i decided it was time for a new pair of sandels… the pair i ahd were  years old and smelled when wet… so i went with the craze and bought flip-flops (esp after the rain incident in Korea)

i don’t understand why everyone wears flip-flops – they are so uncomfortable! i knew that, but at first it wasn’t too bad, but then i had a couple days of doing some walking in them… man, i miss my sandels…

i did make a good discovery with something new- Axe deoderant – it’s awesome, i feel dry, and like how i smell… which is a good thing here…

Also this summer my dentist told me to get a soft-brush toobrush. i thought i had used a soft brush before- but never like this- WOW! It makes brushing my teeth enjoyable!

i’ve also discovered i need some funny movies- they are all like serious sad and/or foreign…


2 thoughts on “My discoveries

  1. I have one pair of flip flops that I love and that I can wear to walk wherever and have no problems. All others have bothered my feet and given me blisters at different points.
    The sandel smell, its so hard to get rid of.

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