My catchphrase

You know i don’t really have a catchphrase – i’ve already noticed a few things the newbies here say just about everyday… but i don’t think i have anything like that… like George’s “Baby!” or Homer’s “D’oh” or MR. Burns “exactly”
Back in school i tried “brother-man”… but that didn’t stick too long, and i did come up with the line “smooth! like David Lesmond…”


i remember one day back at UofM people were imitating each other, and no one could do anything for me… but i guess people try to imitate my laugh… and of course i got the soul patch… and well a nickname…


but this is actually about…

The other day we played catchphrase here in town – it was a blast… and the guys won!

Of course, what i like about that game is it doesn’t really matter who wins – it’s more fun to make the game funny, than to really try to win… besides it’s not like it’s all about talent – but it is still fun to scream at the person it lands on when it buzzes… Personally i like trying to say the most random things- especially while guessing…

i am competitive, i like to win – like the 4 straight silent speed uno games… and i like to brag…
most of the time i don’t really like playing games at all, but if i do play, i’d more enjoy games where winning isn’t that important… Apple’s to Apple’s was my favorite last year


does it seem like the things we do in life often are just forms for us to prove ourselves?


4 thoughts on “My catchphrase

  1. i was reading your xanga to julie and she wanted me to remind you that she is not “one of the guys” and your winning team during catchphrase won with the help of her and mariel.  also, i think you stacked the deck during uno.

  2. what no eprops from you Lindsey?
    And Chad, you – of all people- should know the “exactly” line comes from the episode when Mr. Burns wants to make a movie about himself, and when Homer auditions he says “exactly” – so funny! but i was also trying to see how many people are actually reading this here blog…

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