On living alone

i kinda like living alone – i thought i would. Maybe next year i will get my own place… this could be bad news to me ever getting married…

 i think i always feel guilty for not spending more time with my roommates… so not having roommates release that pressure… plus i have freedom to relax and don’t feel the pressure of performing – of course i probably wind up wasting more time now…

Plus, i like to know if there is a mess, it is my mess, i’m not cleaning up after others…and no one can blame me for messes… i think the place is pretty clean, especially after the helper comes and cleans up…

And of course, i can walk around in my boxers and go to the bathroom and leave the door open – that is going to be a hard habit to break…

i don’t know when Ben’s going to get here, but everytime i hear someone walking up the stairs i’m expecting to hear Ben open our door and walk in. Couldn’t you see Ben doing that? No email or phone call saying he’s coming- he just shows up

(i guess i called my CD as i was driving up to Ann Arbor after i finished my mpd).


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