the one where credit is due

You ever see a show where they do the same joke that has already been done on another show?

Or a movie that is basically the same movie with a different title?

Or think someone is really funny, then find out they’re just quoting a tv show or a comedian? – what a gip!

I mean I like quoting stuff, but I try to reference my quotes…


Often I feel like people give me too much credit. Really I didn’t do much. Somehow God used me sometimes- really.

There are other times and I hear people say “I heard some one say…” and I’m like “that someone is me- I’m the one who said it!” I mean don’t say that out loud, but I think it.

Or they quote someone, and I’m like I’m the one who said that…


I don’t know why it bothers me so much. I want credit for what I’ve done, and I don’t want credit for something I haven’t.


Give credit where credit is due. i guess it’s what is true. If someone deserves something, then give it to them…


Alas, we  come back to Christ. He is due all our worship and all our life.





One thought on “the one where credit is due

  1. Oh, I hate when I see movies and tv shows stealing ideas. For instance, Double Jeapardy is basically The Fugitive. And then Alias ripped off the coffin scene in Double Jeapardy. And now who is going to rip off Alias?

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