my girls

i want to write something about sports, but seeing as all my readers are apparently girls, what’s the point?

i mean the whole Bellicheck scandel – now that is cheating more than steroids… and why do people care so much about Michael Vick having dog fights… meanwhile when Jayson Williams contriuted to killing someone a few years ago, no one cared…

Or how about Michgan being 0-2. This is like the greatest news in the world… and Purdue is 2-0 – with CMU, Minnesota and ND on the schedule next – they could- should be 5-0 by the time they play Ohio St, and hopeully Michigan won’t wake up by the time they play them… still this is Purdue, so they’ll likely find a way to blow it… then fire Tiller and hire Lloyd Carr for next season…

but girls read this… so maybe i should write for them… i should be able to do this since, i am the only guy currently on my team.

It hasn’t been too bad- we haven’t started to eat soup & salad for American meals, and they haven’t forced me to watch Ann of Green gables or whatever it’s called, nor Pride & Prejudice, or the BodyGuard – though it could come soon… (ironically, my i-tunes is on shuffle, and the bodyguard soundtrack came up “I’m every woman” what are the chances?!- SKIP! Shane & shane – much better)


Don’t worry i will not be femanized! Though i will try to be all things to all women


10 thoughts on “my girls

  1. ok, I’m not going to get offended by the soup and salad comment.  Especially since my girlfriends like to grill out, and I’m all about  making steak and potatoes.  But… The Bodyguard?  Really?  I can understand P&P, but The Bodyguard???  Come on now…
    And fyi, if you really want to impress your female xanga fans, you should blog about Colin Firth, Newsies, or Lloyd Dobler.  I think that would get you 6-10 eprops right there.

  2. hmm, I think I prefer the sports talk.Personally, I think Purdue will have no problem beating Michigan, even if Carr is fired by then. Michigan is looking at about a 4 win season granted they can win today against Nortre Dame. Of course, EMU is in the lineup so that will guarantee that Michigan doesn’t finish the season 0-12, and I think they stand a chance against Northwestern and Illinois. But only a chance.So for now I say Go Blue! but take Lloyd with you.

  3. Wow, you are all up early in the morning, and commenting on my xanga – nuts!
    i am a lil worried about CMU and their QB… though i am more worried Purdue will blow it than CMU being that good. but i respect the mac…
    i am more worried about watching the bodyguard – i may watch it. It is one of the girls’ favorite movies, and they have laredy suggested it once… i still have yet to see Say Anything- i want to- according to some online test i took i am most like Lloyd Dobler than any other movie character when it comes to how i handle the women… i have seen John Cusak in high fidelity, and i think i might be more like that character, minus all the sex and profanity…

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