The Barbarian Way

So you may think the Barbarian way is a reflection of past posts: not showering, farting, burping and such… and all this after writing a post about how all my readers – at least the ones who comment most – are girls… guys why don’t you represent?

No, last Sunday we listened to a talk by Erwin McManeaeus called “The Barbarian Way” It was entertaining, but also challenging.

In the summer of 06, i came from Asia, and i saw the book “The Barbarian Way” in CBD catalogs, people were talking about it at churches i went to, and then Char said it was good… so i went to B&N and sat down and began reading it… (i eventually read the whole thing in 2 sittings).

The book had profounf impact on me, and changed my life really…

the whole idea is we have become to civilized in our faith, we have become too rational. And we neglect the supernatural and mystical side of God. We don’t expect God to really work, or to really speak to us – and this is why we don’t hear Him, this is why we don’t see Him move supernaturally.

As i was reading it, i could sense God telling me to start talking to the people accross from me.

But i had become too civilized. We don’t do that in our culture. You don’t start a conversation with a stranger at a bookstore… especially about God…. so i didn’t do it… but i knew it was the Holy Spirit…

See, i don’t know how to explain it. but the Holy Spirit is real, He is a person. He is a person who interacts with us, leads us and guides us.

And when it comes to the Holy Spirit… He is not containable… He is not something or someone i can rationalize. following Jesus is not simply rational. It makes sense. But Jesus is Spirit. He is not just something with our senses. There is a mystical side.

And there is a dangerous side. Some of the things God asks us to do is dangerous. It’s out there. It’s strange. It requires faith.

Faith honors God. That’s all. He wants us to have faith.

He may be trying to teach us something. Or maybe He’s having us do something to show us a miracle. OR maybe He’s trying to protect and/or help us. Maybe He just wants us to act in faith.

And following God means taking steps. Steps of faith. And i find myself asking -“What steps of faith have i taken recently?”

See, i share my faith. It was a step of faith for me at one point – but is it still? Maybe sharing my faith at Barnes & Noble would be… But i have learned to manage my faith. i’ll take the steps of faith that are easy or comfortable – or are really not a step at all.

Sometimes i feel like i have taken enough steps… but it’s so not true…i want to settle down… be comfortable…

May instead we live the Barbarian Way!


4 thoughts on “The Barbarian Way

  1. I heard Erwin’s Barbarian Way talk my senior year of college when my friends and I kinda snuck into a Thirsty Conference as helpers when we weren’t in college ministry officially (heck, we felt like we were!). It was profoundly challenging and four years and a half years later has the same affect on me and I am still giving people copies of the talk to listen to. My favourite challenge that comes out of it is when I talk to people who say “God wouldn’t want me to _________.” Usually the fill in the blank is suffer, be miserable, go into a dangerous situation, be put in danger. Every time I hear that.. I almost buy it for a split second and then the Spirit checks me and I say.. wait a second. Be miserable shows we believe lies about God’s character and that he knows what is best for us. Every other one is the sludge of western comfortable Christianity that thinks God is not most glorified occasionally when we suffer for him. It is sick how we are entrenched with that junk.

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