On Evan Almighty

We watched Evan Almighty last week – it was pretty good. Not as funny as I thought it might be, but good nonetheless


There were a couple theologically incorrect things in there, but I liked their portrayal of God – as one who laughs, and one who cares, one who serves, one who knows, one who instructs us for our best, one who loves…


It was also interesting to put the Noah story into modern times. It made it seem more real. People mocking him. No one believing him. People thinking he was insane- and he himself probably wandering if he was insane.


I suppose there are often times when God has asked me to do something but I blew it off as impossible or insane. And just don’t do it. I want to be a person of faith, but has faith just become rational?


And when we ignore God, we miss out.


In the story of Noah, if he hadn’t listened, he would have died physically and missed God’s provision. We may not face physical death, but we often miss out on the ways God wants to show His power and grace and provision to us.


The story of Noah’s ark is a story of God’s wrath & of God’s love & grace. He pours out His wrath on sin, but provides a way of salvation. And He will judge in wrath at the end of time, but He has provided a way of salvation in Jesus too.


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