My different year

It feels normal being here… but it is different.

Of course I know the people will be different.

But things are changing here


It has a rained a ton – more in one month than all of last year


With the rain came mosquitoes! We never had mosquitoes before!


Not only are there mosquitoes, but there are ton of new foreigners… I don’t know what to do, I keep on seeing white people!


If I want to find them, I can go to the new Italian restaurant – with bread, and cheesecake and open late


There are a ton of new buildings- the freshman actually have a dorm with tiled floors and a sunroom…


And now we all live in nice new places too. With elevators. Meaning I get no exercise anymore…


And no one in the city xangas… I have a hundred less friends on facebook… but my email seems to be working this year… so send me an email…


Things are different, some good, some bad. But overall, I’m liking it.


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