the things i love

You know what i love about wireless internet?
   i can sit here while i’m taking a dump and write a blog entry

(As Steve Saunders once said – “What a guy can do in the bathroom proves men can multi-task)

but what i really love is sports. i wish i could say i love Jesus or reading the Bible or my friends, in the same way i say i love sports… maybe i can… but not always…


What’s better- Purdue being 5-0 or Notre Dame being 0-5

There’s not many Purdue fans delusional enough to think this Purdue team is actually any good, but there may be some of us who feel we could get lucky… the big 10 sucks, we’ve done decent against OSU before, Michigan has looked horrible, Iowa lost to IU, Penn St lost to Illinois, MSU crumbles in the 2nd half and UofI and IU are UofI and IU… what’s not to like? Still, we’ll proably find a way to finish 7-5…

all of college football is pretty exiting right now- after all those upsets last weekend- College Sports rock!

my rankings


  1. LSU                  1          
  2. USC                 2         
  3. Cal                   6         
  4. OSU                 11 
  5. Kentucky          12
  6. S Florida          24
  7. BC                    7                     
  8. UF                    3                             
  9. SC                    15
  10. Georgia            14        
  11. OU                   5         
  12. Oregon             10        
  13. WV                   4         
  14. Wisconsin         17
  15. VaTech             16                    
  16. Purdue              20       
  17. Missouri           22
  18. Hawaii              21                                
  19. ASU                 23       
  20. Rutgers            8         
  21. Texas               9         
  22. Clemson            13        
  23. Cincinnati         NR
  24. Aub                  NR
  25. Colorado           NR

but it’s not just football… what an ending to the baseball season… the met’s competely choked- how do they lose so much to the marlins and the nationals? Way to go Phillies… and the Rockies ended on an even better streak


Two teams tie for the wild card- from the same division no less- and go into extra innings? WOW! And a play at the plate! Incredible


Of course, if Matt Holliday doesn’t get MVP the whole awars is a croc…i mean they’ll probably give it to Prince Fielder becaue he hit a lot of home runs for a 2nd place team or maybe Carlos Beltran – the 3rd best player on a 2nd place team – like they gave the award to Ryan Howard last year… and Bobby Abreu will get in the AL- the 3rd or 4th best player on his team- but it wasn’t until he played well the yankees started winning- like Morneau last year… yeah, i still can’t believe those awards last year!


Jimmy Rollins may desereve it in the NL… though if a Philly wins, i think it should be Aaron Rowand…


ah, i could talk about sports all day… i remember when that show dream job was on… i thought about applying- perhaps i could write a sportsblog- like my friends at boiledpsorts

Tim, Justin and Ryan do a pretty good job actually, check it out – esp you OSU fans this week… save their friday production…

but unfortunately i don’t get to really watch sports so much over here… i have to wait til after the games are over to hear what happens… i guess that is the sucky part of living over here


IF anyone want to get me some sports package… or the Purdue vs Ohio St game- that would be great!


Despite my lack of being able to watch games i did pretty well at fantasy baseball, coming only 2 holds and 5 ks away from first place… oh well… i guess my real dream job would be a general manager of a baseball team – ever since i started trading baseball cards…


i suppose there are other things i love… maybe even more than i actually love sports…. my family… receieving emails or phone calls… making a difference in people’s lives…. Jesus…


but still… sports is pretty cool


5 thoughts on “the things i love

  1. Cmon man, WI at 14? That’s crazy talk.And Holiday not winning actually would not be a crock at all. His road splits are downright pedestrian. Mostly just another product of Coors..They’re all good candidates, really. Whoever wins will deserve it.

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