the things i want

Well, my birthday has come and gone…i feel old.. hm feel older…my birthday reminded me how old i’m getting and how far away my friends are… in different countries, but also how far i’ve drifted from some friends…


Today, we went to the zoo & people’s park… rode a roller coaster, fed some monkeys, saw a guy almost get attacked by a tiger… and before saw some dogs and some bunnies… i’m thinking about buying a rabbit and a turtle… maybe racing them… i mean, it would only cost a buck fifty/each…


When my bday came around, i made a list of things i would like to have… it used to be a dog was #1 for like 7 years… and now that item seemed to be replaced by a girlfriend/wife… one year my brother got me the Matthew Sweet cd “girlfriend”


Though, after seeing the dogs today… maybe i want to get a dog again…

Well what else do i want

  1. dryer
  2. a dog/a pet
  3. Seinfeld seasons 3, 7&8 + my missing Seinfeld season 5 disc
  4. cds/music
  5. ping-pong table
  6. Cosby season 1, 3-4
  7. air hockey table
  8. vanilla flavoring
  9. a PS2 memory card
  10. starburst jelly beans/jolly beans
  11. pepperoni
  12. buffalo wing sauce
  13. exercise bike/treadmill
  14. a bike/mo-ped
  15. books
  16. Caesar dressing
  17. massage chair
  18. any of Kings of Queens seasons
  19. foosball table
  20. peppermint flavoring
  21. a projector
  22. bleu cheese dressing
  23. That 70’s show seasons 2-6
  24. movies


For those of you who have missed my bday…if 65 of you give me $10 each, i have enough to buy a dryer…

Or y’know for $10… you can sign up for emusic, site me as a reference, get 55 songs for yourself and 25 for me… pretty good deal i think…


Oh well… i guess there are a few things i still want… but more than those things i would like more time, deeper friendships, more intimacy with Christ, and a wife & kids…

But i suppose some things can’t be bought with money…


Anyone have AT&T or Verizon… if so, if you give me your account # i can watch the Purdue Ohio St game on Espn 360… and that would be pretty cool too.


4 thoughts on “the things i want

  1. mookie! if you get a rabbit and a turtle… you could name the rabbit and turtle like where joey has the chick and the duck on friends. lol! i had a dream about you guys over there last night… i came to visit. it was pretty awesome. 🙂

  2. If you are heading to our city anytime soon, or know someone who is and is willing to help you out, I can send a big bag of pepperoni back with them for you. It costs like 60 kuai for a kilo and I think is about 3 kilos. That’s 6 pounds of pepperoni goodness! Lots of pizzas and plenty to snack on too.
    Sometimes I really want a little pet and then I remember I’m not good with pets, they die. Or at least two turtles I had during stint died a very likely awful death during Thailand vacation. I really thought they could last whole month alone. But they didn’t. Its really kinda amazing I was trusted with a real baby after that. =)

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