My music for the month

i may not like dancing, but i do like music… i made a “September” playlist to describe my month… i had about 50 songs, but here are the top 31… maybe not the order if it was a soundtrack… but it describes my life and/or music i listened to a lot..

The soundtrack of my month or so…

  1. the world spins madly on ~ the weepies
  2. winter ~ Joshua Radin
  3. Don’t Give Up ~ Sanctus Real
  4. Beautiful world ~ Colin Hay
  5. sleeping in ~ the Postal Service
  6. Chasing cars ~ snow patrol
  7. work ~ Jars of clay
  8. Nobdoy knows me at all ~ the weepies
  9. light& day/reach for the sun ~ polyphonic spree
  10. let go ~ frou frou
  11. Be still my heart ~ postal service
  12. Don’t stop believing ~ Journey
  13. How to save a life ~ the fray
  14. kissing the lipless ~ the Shins
  15. Be yourself ~ Audioslave
  16. not the land ~ Caedmon’s Call
  17. please forgive me ~ David Gray
  18. city-wide rodeo ~ the weepies
  19. Close of Autumn ~ Caedmon’s Call
  20. Overkill ~ Colin Hay
  21. Wake me up when September ends ~ green day
  22. Anything can happen ~ the finn brothers
  23. better days ~ goo goo dolls
  24. Young pilgrims ~ the Shins
  25. Geek in the pink ~ Jason Mraz
  26. I heard Ya talkin’ ~ Jeremy Kay
  27. Weighed down ~ Jars of Clay
  28. painting by Chagall ~ the weepies
  29. wreck of the day ~ Ana Nalick
  30. Look after you ~ the fray
  31. Here comes the sun ~ the beatles


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