My dream

Last week, the lesson in my textbook was teaching about how to talk abotu our dreams-not dreams at night, but our dream for life – it’s actually pretty common for people here to ask you: “What is your dream?”

i found it kinda hard to answer…  i mean, i think i mentioned something about heaven- being with people from all over the world, and all sorts of friends praising God together… but i guess that isn’t really my dream.

Sometimes i think i am living my dream out here already- i’m serving the Lord in a 10/40 country, leading people to Christ and helping people grow in their faith, giving vision for the world, and with a team – wasn’t this my dream?

Actually, for it to be fully realized, there should have been people i recruited here with me… i guess i kinda did, but not directly… maybe next year if a couple friends decide to come finally… OR maybe when i’m in the Middle east in a couple years with people from here… but sometimes that feels like it could be a nightmare if there aren’t other American friends with me too…

i don’t know, i think this kinda fulfills a dream, but it’s missing a couple good friends… and a wife & kids. Having family is my standard answer when i don’t want to be overly overt about God, and i think it really is part of the dream, but that’s not it all either…

When i have answered the question “What 3 things do you want to do if at all possible in your lifetime?”
i say
1. have a family
2. write a book
3. give a talk series at a fall retreat/conference

The third one isn’t that big… i was inspired to write again, after watching this movie… but not quite motivated to get started…

Actually, the other day i asked the question what do you want to be true at the end of your life… you know, i think i would always include a wife and kids… and i would love to write that book…but somehow those things don’t make it to my list of priorities… so even the first on the list is a great desire, but it doesn’t consume me…


So, really, what is my dream? i guess to follow the Lord with all my life, to influence people for Christ and the kingdom of God all over the world, and to always be surrounded by friends who love me, point me to Christ and who encourage and appreciate me.

My Purpose: To Glorify God, Depend on the Spirt & Experience Christ

My Mission: To know God intimatelt and make Him known accurately in building movements all over the world so that every person/people-group knows someone who truly follows Christ (for God’s glory in the nations!)


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