On why being really lonely can be super awesome

Just two more nights without a roommate… i don’t know if i’m excited or dreading it… i think it should be good, but i may miss my freedom…


Without him around, i guess i have been watching a lot of scrubs… which is where the title of this blog comes…


I don’t really feel like i’m lonely. I don’t think that i am lonely or think about being lonely. I know people think i am – especially my Asian friends. I don’t think being single is that bad. As the say in Hitch – “You’re not sick, you’re single.”


But maybe i am lonely, i guess i do check my email or facebook or blog every few minutes to see if anyone wrote me something, or why i watch tv shows… but i think it may be more homesickness than lonliness…


I have been lonely… but usually it is when i am surrounded by tons of people…


Can be being lonely be awesome? Well, the Lord is near to those who are broken-hearted. And as Trepod once told me – and since have had others say similar things – it is so much easier to follow God when things are difficult. Basically when things seem bad, that can be the times i feel most alive. It’s like musicians like Alanis, whose music is best when she is angry at life…


Those difficult things can be the most exhilarating and draw us closest to God. So, what do we pray? Do we pray for trials and difficulty? Do we pray for ease? I don’t know, but i still think praying for humility is a mistake….


One thought on “On why being really lonely can be super awesome

  1. I really get your post. I have recently been thinking about that. I hate the idea of not having great fellowship around me, but as I think about it, there is also a strange part of me that longs to only have God to rely on, to talk to, to enjoy. If I couldn’t run to friends than I would really experience God as my friend and joy, as well as God and Savior. Of course, I have my husband so that’s a bit different than being totally lonely.

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