The thing about sin

a few years ago i was exchanging prayer requests with a friend and i began praying and said something about his sin, and then corrected myself “well, not sin” and Clint said “No, you can call it what it is…”

Calling sin sin.

We don’t like to do it. Even when we confess sin, it is pretty general and generic. And we don’t ever seem to admit it to one another. We can’t actually let other people know what our sin is. Of course everyone knows everyone else sins, but if we don’t actually say what it is- there’s no problem, no shame, no guilt… We can admit we have sin, but we really don’t admit anything at all.

i think Larry Crabb nailed it again – this time in “Understanding yourself” an older book, but one i just finished. We don’t take our depravity seriously enough.

We rationalize our sin- and make excuses for it or make it seem reasonable. Most sin is. We were tired. We were having a bad day. The other person started it.

We don’t really want to admit it is sin. Maybe it was a bad decision. Or it’s a personality struggle. It’s natural.

OR we just don’t think it is that serious of a sin.

We never call people out on sin – and those who do are the worst people in the world, who obviously don’t understand grace. Of course some of us don’t call others out on sin- because then we’d have to admit we have sin too!

Sin is sin. It is horrible. It hampers our relationship with God and with others. Sin is disobedience, yet, it is not merely an action. Sin is rooted in unbelief. Sin needs to be dealt with.

We don’t need to feel guilty or shame though- because it has already all been taken care of. So, this should give us more freedom to admit our sin. And the ability to be honest about our sin. And the closer we get to Christ, the more we should see sin.

However, i think most of us what to think we are ok. We want to think we’re not that bad. We don’t want to admit after all these years we still sin. We don’t want to be corrected. And we want to be accepted for who we are and don’t want to change.

i know i’m that way. i like my sin. It feels good- and it feels natural- i don’t even think of it as sin. But i am so selfish and self-centered. i am lazy, i waste time, and i worry a lot. i complain, i don’t give thanks. i have prideful thoughts, think i am better than others, protect my image, and try to make myself look good.

And the root is: i don’t believe God can satisfy me, don’t trust God’s love is good enough, struggle with believing God is good and soveriegn…

We focus all our time on self-image and feeling good about ourselves, but sin still needs to be dealt with, and is more important.

And i guess which do i hate more- the sin, or the fact that i sin? Yeah, even that may be sin – i don’t want to sin so i can feel better about msyelf, rather than i don’t want to sin to glorify and honor and love God…


3 thoughts on “The thing about sin

  1. You get a big Amen from me. I have been thinking about this lately. Especially how as brothers and sisters we are so scared to point out each others’ sins, or worse when someone opens up about sin we tend to tell them its not so bad instead of helping them really get the yuck out. I do think its all about making myself feel better.

  2. man….that’s where i’m at, too….we all need GOD!!!and about the calling out sin in others’ lives: i’ve started to call out some sin in ppl, but it seems SOO foreign and un-natural, i think even that is showing some unbelief on my part

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