The biggest influences on my life

Today is the 50 year anniversary of my home & sending Church. It is the church i grew up, came to Christ in, and the church that supports me and loves me very much.

It made me think of who the most influential people in my life have been

The most influential people in my life

slightly older

  1. Paul Walerzack – 1st person to show me Christ’s love in a way i felt it
  2. Todd Moore – pursued me and got me involved
  3. Shane Stec – heart for prayer and God


  1. Jim Walker – Sunday School teacher who became a missionary
  2. Bill Johnson – Sunday school teacher who asked us questions we never thought of before
  3. Jim Kelly – staffer who helped me thru those college years
  4. Rob Rieske – got me to believe in mysef
  5. Darin Travis – i stole his vision as my own


  1. Chad Zwolinski – taught me how to open up & be real
  2. Mark Need – we taught each other how to discuss deep things and value process
  3. Kevin Bettag – we helped each other be slackers and have fun
  4. Marc Christie – heart for worship and sincere love for God


  1. Mom & Dad – so much, brought me to Christ, taught me to value missions, how to be hospitable…
  2. Liz – faith in the midst of difficulty and unconditional love

There could be others… and others who have been better friends… and others i could honor… but i guess that comes later…



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