The sports edition

The Rockies are in the world series, after sweeping two rounds in the playoffs, and winning ridiculously in the last month, and no one cares.
The Indians beat up the yankees and took a 3-1 lead with Boston, but no one talked about them either…

i hate the Red Sox- maybe even more than the cubs now, so i am a big Indians fan right now. Of course, i like Indians… hot indian girls in particular…

It does seem like the year to be from Ohio for sports fans… Ohio st goes to the nat championship game – in both football and basketball… the Cavs make it to the nba finals… maybe the Indians can get to the world series and lose too!

Still, the media- namely espn- focuses all their attention on the yankees and Joe Torre- who cares? Maybe the offer was a bit of an insult since it was only one year and a paycut, but man, it still was a ton of money… and is he really that good of a manager? His teams have been pretty loaded… Of course they were a lot better before they started buying players- they won when they used their own talent (Jeter, Rivera, Williams, Petitte, Posada, Soriano) and key role players they acquired in smart moves (O’Neil, Brosius, Tino, Wells…)

i agree with Mike wilbon on this one… East Coast bias…

meanwhile College football continues to rock. USF who i ahd as #1 lost this week… and so did SC, Kentucky and Cal, all who i had in the top ten… bigger news- Purdue actually won a football game in the month of October!

my rankings


  1. OSU                 2          8-0
  2. BC                    3          7-0
  3. LSU                  4          7-1
  4. S Florida          1           6-1
  5. UF                    6          5-2
  6. OU                   8          7-1
  7. Oregon             10         6-1
  8. WV                   11         7-1
  9. USC                 12         6-1
  10. ASU                 14         6-0
  11. SC                    5          6-2
  12. Kentucky          7          6-2
  13. VaTech             15         6-1
  14. Missouri           19         6-1
  15. Georgia            16         5-2
  16. UofM               17         6-2
  17. Kansas              22        7-0
  18. Bama                25/NR  6-2
  19. Aub                  13         5-3
  20. Texas               20        5-2
  21. Cal                   9          5-2
  22. Virginia            NR        7-1
  23. Hawaii              24        7-0
  24. Illini                 23        5-3
  25. Rutgers            NR        5-2

i still love my sports, but i don’t know anything else going on in the world, and nothing about politics… don’t feel like you need to update me either, i won’t remember… but this movie was decent…


2 thoughts on “The sports edition

  1. look at that. UK is doing pretty good. huh, wish I cared.I think it’s really funny that some people didn’t like that they were singing things like Avril Lavigne period, when I was more offended that they restricted their song choice to stuff that’s been out within the past year and completely ignored the musical stylings of Chicago and REO Speedwagon. (In their defense, I will say they don’t usually open with secular songs. I think it was just their way of trying to be “hip”. It just failed miserably. And they always do a big ol’ chunk of p&w time at the end of the service).

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