the one with all the kissing

Last night we had a team sleep-over at the girls place to develop deeper connection and more intimacy.

i made some peanutbutter cookies and brought over some cookie dough… Ben brought twister back from America for us to play… we spent a couple hours playing “i never” and…. then had a rousing game of spin the bottle…

i was a bit skeptical. It is a bit unorthodox. But after last year’s success at something similar, how could i say no?

Last year, we noticed there were so few men in our movement, and started brainstorming outreach ideas to target men. Steph threw out the idea of a kissing booth. We pride ourselves at being releveant, and want to meet felt needs. Plus we want to stay cutting edge and try new ideas. Steph wanted the practice since she was getting married soon… all in all it was a big hit! We went from 2 men to 10-15…

We always have bottles of water and stuff, so we decided to play spin the bottle- none of us had actually ever played before, some had never kissed anyone before (both discovereed while playing “i never”) …
we thought it would be a great shared experience for us! And was it!

And afterwards, people were quoted as saying “I’ve never felt this close to you before.” We’re all struggling with lonliness to some degree, and i think this will help a lot.

i hope to do it again, and looking forward to bringing the game to our mid-year conference…



10 thoughts on “the one with all the kissing

  1. I don’t even know what to say. I’m hoping this is a joke. And if it is, haha, that’s funny but not really. If this was serious, I would have to say what in the world would make you think that was a good idea? I’m with-holding eprops because I’m not sure if I want to award them to you just yet.

  2. oops, i apparently got holidays confused, i thought it was April fool’s day… i can’t believe i got a zero eprop- i thought it was going to be by someone who would rebuke me for joking about sexual stuff or something…
    Parts of the story is true, and parts are not, can you guess what?
    We did indeed have a team sleepover… and i did make cookies and bring cookie dough… Ben did bring twister back from America- but we didn’t play… we did play i never… but never discussed kissing… but there are empty water bottles all over the place all the time…
    And we did see significant growth in the amount of men around last year… and steph did indeed suggest a kissing booth during staff meeting…

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