On Competence

I feel like the idea of competence has come up quite a bit…
i knew that guys want to feel competent, but i didn’t realize that girls would
find it such a turn-on…


Guys definitely want to be seen as competent- that’s why if
anyone said/did something that would make you seem incompetent there is huge
conflict. More so, if a person is working with someone else, and they make him
seem incompetent they also get upset… don’t drag me down with you… It’s pride

 And sometimes i think the best thing i can do for another
guy is point out the good things they did.

 The question is: would you rather be ok and many things- yea
even everything, or great at one or two things (and expert if you will) and
suck at most other things?
So you can choose to be really competent, and really incompetent, or somewhat
competent altogether…

Alas, i wonder how much stock we put in competence. i think it can be as dangerous or more so than those who place their worth/value in their appearance. i mean, some people get sick (bulemic, anorexic) just to look good- and we recognize these problems… but don’t people have similar problems or worse to be seen as/feel competent? Isn’t this is where workaholism comes from?


One thought on “On Competence

  1. Actualy, I’m ecstremaly compotent at many things… an ecspert if you will. So I ain’t really had this delehma. Take, for instince, my abilitty to spel. I were the best in my clas in hi skool. So this blogg ain’t really apllying to my siturasion. I miss you Muki.

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