My favorite candy

So, i guess Halloween is over… but i found a sportsnation poll on best candy… and i had to take it… and think of my favorites…. and if you want to send me some of this stuff (since only 3-5 of these can be found in the city, and 2-3 imitation) i wouldn’t be opposed


  1. Cadburry crème eggs it’s simply unfair for other candy to be compared to this, they’re in a league of their own
  2. Peanutbutter M&M’s they’re money… soo good…  can eat them all day… and i have
  3. Junior mints/york peppermint patties who’s going to turn down a jr mint. It chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s very refreshing
  4. Reces Peanut butter cups they’re gold here
  5. starburst jelly beans or jolly beans (but no other jelly beans) feels like another easter candy for some reason, but they’re great
  6. aMazing bars fits the name
  7. sour patch kids or any sour gummy my mouth waters just thinking about it
  8. Twix (carmel or PB) ooh yeah… i love the cookie crunch
  9. whatchamacallits maybe it is just the name… or the old commercials, but i love ‘em
  10. milky way darks i’m not always a big fan of dark chocolate or milky ways, but man, these are so good
  11. carmello’s/ hershey’s w/caramel Is this what Carmello Anthony is named after? I wouldn’t blame his parents…
  12. starburst sours i especially like blue
  13. Nestle Crunch bars so good when they are fresh or melty/melting… but so bad, when it is a bit old
  14. whoppers in the carton something about shaking it in the carton makes it taste better
  15. Take 5 bars it really has everything
  16. nutrageous
  17. reces pieces no chocolate, but ET likes it, and so do i
  18. jolly ranchers hard, but sweet
  19. Treasures i especially like giving them away to people and telling them i treasure them
  20. carmels
  21. candy corn only a Halloween candy, but addicting when they are around
  22. pop rocks you’d think it’d be higher… has anyone actually ever tried eating them with pop?
  23. fun dip i like eating the bar
  24. 5th Avenue bars
  25. Hershey chocolate of all sorts
  26. regular starbursts
  27. snickers i used to hate them… but they really do satisfy
  28. blow pops
  29. kit-kats
  30. 3 musketeers
  31. mars bars
  32. m&m’s (peanut or plain)
  33. thousand grand
  34. smarties
  35. milky ways
  36. fast break


3 thoughts on “My favorite candy

  1. Hmm, my mouth waters just reading your list. Its funny about the whoppers box, but its so true! I never thought about it before though. This past winter while I was home my dad had some sitting around in the living room, and I just couldn’t keep my hands off it.

  2. you make the best lists. I would never even think to rank my favorite candy. Of course, I’m a wierdo who actually doesn’t like candy all that much. Most of the time, I would rather eat pretzels and popcorn more than chocolate.

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