My Stache

  It’s been said (by one Don Zeile) that there are only 7 people in the world who look good with a mustache (or something like that), one of those people is Tom Selleck, but we’re not sure about the others…

i think i could pull it off!


i shaved down to a stache for our halloween party last night, and then decided y’know, i’m gonna bring the mustahce back! I’m going to be a trendsetter… the mustache was popular once… and like everything comes back in style… i’m bringing it back baby! oh yeah!


unfortunately, my ACD says she can’t look at me,… so i guess i have to shave it off. We have had so little conflict – er no conflict- so this isn’t worth fighting for… at least not right now… i guess i’ll shave it before bed…


12 thoughts on “My Stache

  1. i have a friend that is a journalist, and a couple years ago he wrote an entire article about the mustache, and grew out a variety of mustaches, and when a friend told him looked like a pedophile, he promptly shaved. but i think you’re rockin’ the ‘stache pretty well.

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