On making your life count

A couple weeks ago we watched Stranger than fiction… and it brought up a lot of different thoughts…

In it the main character discovers he may have a short-time left to live. He doesn’t know how long, but his time is short.

The question i asked is “If you knew you only had a short time left to live or could die at any moment, what would you differently? or How would your life change?”


The answer i want to give is: Nothing. Nothing would change. i wouldn’t do a thing differently.

i want to give this answer because i want to say/think i am already living my life for what is important, i’m already living for the eternal.

but that really isn’t true is it?

What would i do? i wouldn’t leave this country- i could die on the flight over… plus, i believe God has me here for a purpose… but i would be calling friends and family like everyday… i would be preparing people to take over the movement… and i’d be sharing the Gospel a good amount… i probably wouldn’t be wasting time as much as i do…

Julie said she would go back to the states- even if she might die on the way over…

So, what should i be doing differently?

Calling friends more often & wasting less time…

Ben asked “would you rather have a short life with big impact or a long life with little meaning?”

Does anyone prefer the latter? i mean, if a person has a long, but meaningless life – aren’t those the people who take their life?


2 thoughts on “On making your life count

  1. love that movie. hands down my favorite from last year : ) and you ask quite a good question – i found it interesting that he was willing to die for good literature – something I’m not willing to do. But to die early for a worthwhile and well invested life [be that something other than good literature], then yes, I’m in : ) And I hope that my life does make an awesome story : )
    ps… you commented on my blog like back in June… asking if the clocks were from Back to the Future… sadly, the answer is no, though that’d be super cool. They’re from the inside of the Musee d’Orsay in Paris : ) Which I guess is still pretty cool : )

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