The Unexpected

I’ve never realized how much i am a slave to my
expectations, or how much i love my expectations. Because i hate the
unexpected. The unexpected ruins everything. I suppose sometimes there are
unexpected surprises that are pleasant, but mine are not.

The unexpected changes plans, gets in the way, creates

I do not plan for the unexpected, but maybe i should. I’ve
tried to build a margin into my schedule, but no matter how much i put in- the
unexpected still steals time from me.

Last week, i experienced the unexpected a lot.

I didn’t expect to spend all day Tuesday in the hospital
with Ben. I didn’t expect to get sick later. I didn’t expect all the flight
delays and problems. I didn’t expect to lose my memory card and have to buy a
new one right before i left.

I don’t expect to run into people on the street. I don’t
account for unexpected phone calls. I don’t expect that i will have a case of
the squirts. I don’t expect traffic jams or train crossings.

I like to think of myself as a pretty flexible person, but i
still hate the unexpected.

i guess i should expect problems from windows vista… and problems staying awake during the day and problems sleeping at night, as those seem normal now…


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