The thing about cell-phones

I hate cell-phones. Yes, they are a great convenience. And yes, often i wonder i’d do without one. And yes, i find it hard to believe when people do not own one. But still,…. I hate them.


When i was in college, i remember saying i would never get a cell-phone. I think we all did. It was too expensive, and not all that necessary. But nowadays, everyone has one.


My  mom would yell at me though. She would call, and i wouldn’t answer or left the phone at home. But i told her- before i had a cell-phone it would be the same thing. I wasn’t always accessible, there were times you couldn’t reach me… and i kinda like it that way sometimes!


Now, i find this even more true. There are times i just want to be alone.


But more so, the problem with cell-phones is how much people use it.

I can be in the middle of a serious conversation, and the phone rings and someone will pick it up.

People answer at church, in classrooms, anywhere and everywhere – paying no regard to the people around them.


I rarely answer my cell-phone. And sometimes people get angry at me for not answering their calls. But i’m not answering it on purpose. Because if i’m with someone, i want to give my attention to them. It seems like the person on the phone is more important than the person one is with sometimes.


I can call the person back. I am going to give my attention to the person i am with. I want to honor the person i am with.


So, if you’re with me, if you must answer the phone, please excuse yourself or let me know before hand… and i’ll forgive you…


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