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no one comments, so let me write about sports…

i am angry the Yankees resigned A-Rod. As a baseball fan, i was hoping he would ahve screwed himself over and would have to set for $200 million. Not that that is chump change, i was just hoping, even after his big season he’d have to take a paycut. Why the Yanks gave him that much money i don’t understand… no one else was going to pay him – which is why he came back to the yankees… he doesn’t care about winning… it’s all about the Benjamins…

As a Yankee fan, i wish they would used their money better. Instead of 27.5 mil on A Rod, they could have spent less than half of that on Mike Lowell – personally, i think the World Series MVP is more important than regular season mvp. Seriously, Lowell plays better defense- which helps you win by the way- and the yankees problem isn’t hitting anyway. Lowell might not hit as many homers as A Rod, but in that lineup, he probably would have a similar amount of rbis and runs scored – which i think the most important categories anyway. Then they could have used that extra money to sign a top-notch reliever – like say Scott Linebrink, and made the big trade for Johan Santana.

The Yanks have the pieces to trade for Santana, a good young centerfielder in Melky Cabrera, a 3b who couldn’t replace A-Rod, but the type of player the would do well with the Twins in Wilson Betemeit, and they could throw in Mike Mussina and pay 85% of his contract (i mean if they saved 10 mil on ARod especially) along with a couple more minor leaguers – i think the twins may have takent he deal. Mussina is still a decent pitcher, and a pitcher who could mentor the Twins other young pitchers.


Five reasons the twins should trade Johan Santana? 1. Francisco Liriano 2. Matt Garza 3. Scott Baker 4. Kevin Slowey 5. Boof Bonser. They are all going to be great pitchers, they are all young & inexpensive. Santana is young still, but will cost a lot of money and bring in some really good players.


Rumors are flying the twins will trade Garza to the D-Rays for Delmon Young. What a trade! Years from now this could go down as one of the biggest blockbusters ever. Garza looks like a Cy Young winner, and Young looks like a perennial all-star, and an mvp with the right team. How someone could trade a player so young and talented is unbelievable, but it may be the right trade for both teams. The twins, as mentioned above have a surplus of good pitchers, and the D-Rays have too many talented outfielders. Even if BJ Upton can stay at 2b, and Johnny Gomes plays dh, with a healthy Rocco Badelli, which may never happen, they have 3 guys who can play any of the OF positions and bat anywhere in the lineup from 1-5 in Rocco, Carl Crawford and Elijah Dukes…


Why write so much about baseball when it is the offseason? It’s the most exciting time! I mean, i am excited about the nfl draft right now!


Of course, that has more to do with how exciting the college football season turned out. The BCS got it wrong with ranking Missouri #1 – clearly they should be #2 , because they are going to lose next week to Oklahoma- and #2’s always lose… oh wait, #1’s lose too… oh, and how is VaTech ranked higher than LSU- who killed them, and BC who beat them? And how did they rank Kansas #2, but they won’t let Hawaii be in the top ten? I think both teams suck, but hey Hawaii is undefeated, which is more than you can say about anyone else… and let’s face, there are no great conferences…

So, on to my rankings…



  1. WV                   2 they weren’t ranked #2 in the BCS, so no curse, convincing win, this is why Rodriguez stayed
  2. Missouri           3 they already  lost to OU once before, i see the #2 curse hitting one more time                                                                                            
  3. USC                 7 2 losses, 8 points and one w/o their starting QB – may be best team in country, but won’t get a chance to prove it
  4. Georgia                        4 Can a team who doesn’t win their conference, not even their division be considered a national title holder?                                                                  
  5. LSU                  1 2 triple OT losses, sucks but, i should probably rank them lower than this for blowing games                                            
  6. OSU                 8 let’s be honest, when it is all said and done, they will be national champs this year                                                                                       
  7. UF                    10 they crushed their big rivals and 2 losses to top 5 teams, and 3 loss total by 19 points
  8. Hawaii              15 they’ve barely beaten bad teams, but hey a lot of teams have lost to bad teams- at the very least they deserve a BCS game                               
  9. BC                    11 for some reason, they are the team that has to prove themselves in the ACC title game
  10. OU                   12 they’ve beaten Missou already this season          
  11. Illini(8-3)         16  losses  by a total of 20 (including to #2 Missou) and impressive wins over OSU(#5) Wisc & PSU                                                                                 
  12. VaTech             14 the fact LSU crushed them is why LSU is ranked so high
  13. Cincy                20 quietly had a great season                                                                                       
  14. USF                 22 their 3 straight losses by a total of 15- a season that could have been- but there is always next year!
  15. Kansas              9 they didn’t give up even after falling behind early 
  16. ASU                 6 i’m not sure who is the  bigger pretender Kansas or ASU           
  17. Tenn (7-3)        17 get a shot at LSU and the BCS next week                                  
  18. Clemson (8-2)   21 pretty good season    
  19. Oregon             5 What a sad ending for the Ducks, they seemed a lock for the championship game, now?
  20. Ark                  NR they started off slow, but have had some good games of late
  21. Texas               13 Is this team any good really?                                                                                  
  22. Wisc                NR the big 10 isn’t that great, but honestly no conference is
  23. Aub                  24 probably ranked way too high
  24. Virginia                        18 yeah, not really that good
  25. UConn              19 There really were a lot of basketball powerhouses making noise this football season


College basketball season has started too. Maybe Purdue will be good again, i am really excited for the “Baby Boilers” as one of my friends calls them…


The nba season started too… but who cares?


7 thoughts on “the sports talk

  1. Use larger text for your ranking comments.I like your rankings, but they seem inconsistent. You are an honest ranker. You don’t obey the rules that AP rankers seem to follow. I’m guessing that you think, who would beat who (aka who’s better) and rank the teams in that order. The only problem is that you only do it about 80% of the time. Do you honestly think that WV and Missou are the two best teams in the country? Or that OU is the 10th best? Here’s my who’s best rankings…1-3. LSU, USC, Oklahoma (it’s impossible to tell between these teams)4. Ohio State5. Georgia6. WVU7. FloridaOk, I’m bored. And you’re right OSU probably will win the NC. They’d get more respect though if they beat USC.

  2. I care about the NBA, and it’s shaping up to be one of the more exciting seasons in recent memory. The Celtics and Magic have made things a bit more exciting in a surprisingly deep East, and the west is as competative as ever at the top. Go Pistons!

  3. erik, you’re right it’s not all that consistant… it’s a combination of who i think would win, as well as reward for what they’ve actually done…
    i mean, how can VaTech be ranked higher than BC who beat them, when they have the same record. Even more ridiculous is they are ranked higher than LSU who KILLED them.
    the thing about the ranking though, it can’t be who would win against who. Because winning & losing is often based on match-ups. WV may beat 20 of the top 25 teams, but they couldn’t beat USF, and i don’t think they can beat OSU. i just think Larunitis and co stop Slaton & White.
    And Missouri already lost to OU, so who’s to say they can do it now… but Missou did beat Illinois, who beat OSU…
    so obviously, what we need is a playoff. Put the 6 conf champs in, along with Hawaii – who may not be that good, but they are undefeated, so maybe they are (remember when OSU was undefeated and no one gave them credit- even after they beat Miami?) and let’s say defending champs Florida in…
    1st rd OSU vs UF as a rematchLSU vs OU/Missou winner ( you get a rematch of the 03? championship or Tigers vs TigersWV vs BC/VT former Big East against BEHawaii vs USC – which is the best place to live? or top O vs top D
    2nd rdUF vs WVLSU vs USCchampionship UF vs USC
    college sports really is the only sport really caring about… baseball is more exciting in the offseason, and the nba is only exciting for one week – the Western Conference finals…

  4. You don’t honestly thing that Fla would beat the Buckeyes this year do you? You haven’t seen them play. They’re fortunate to have only lost 3 games. They have ZERO offense outside of Tebow, essentially no running back and only mediocre receivers. And the biggest difference from last year, their defense is average.

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