My rankings

12-2 what a mess

  1. Hawaii              8 this season, undefeated has to mean something
  2. OU                   10 1 loss 1 pt, the other w/o their starting QB – who let’s face it, is probably the best player in the nation, but he’s a redshirt freshman
  3. USC                 3 2 losses, 8 points and one w/o their starting QB – may be best team in country…
  4. OSU                 6 the only team that can say they really deserve to be in the championship game
  5. LSU                  5 conference champs of the toughest conference, both loses in triple OT
  6. Georgia             4 i’m dropping them b/c they didn’t win their division, let alone their conference                                             
  7. UF                    7 they crushed their big rivals and 2 losses to top 5 teams, and 3 loss total by 19 points
  8. Missouri           2 maybe not this good, but both losses to one team                                                
  9. VaTech             12 ok so they beat BC, still…
  10. Illini(8-3)         11  i really want to see Florida vs Zook – they’re both blue & orange too
  11. ASU                 16 it’s not like Arizona is amazing, but it was a rival game
  12. WV                   1 how do you lose to Pit when the Nat Championship is on the line? Still, i wasn’t too surprised
  13. Cincy                13 quietly had a great season                                                                                        
  14. USF                 14 their 3 straight losses by a total of 15- a season that could have been- but there is always next year!
  15. Kansas              15 no way they deserve a championship shot
  16. BC                    9 didn’t prove anything
  17. Clemson (8-2)   18 pretty good season    
  18. Ark                  20 they started off slow, but have had some good games of late
  19. Texas               21 Is this team any good really?                                                                                  
  20. Wisc                22 the big 10 isn’t that great, but honestly no conference is
  21. Aub                  23 probably ranked way too high
  22. Tenn (7-3)        17 came up short
  23. Oregon             19 this is a charitable ranking
  24. Virginia                        24 yeah, not really that good
  25. UConn              25 There really were a lot of basketball powerhouses making noise this football season


Bowl matchups i would want to see

  1. OSU vs USC
  2. Illinois vs Florida
  3. LSU vs Missouri
  4. VT vs WV
  5. Hawaii vs OU
  6. Georgia vs USF
  7. Kansas vs UConn
  8. Clemson vs Aub
  9. Cincy vs Kentucky
  10. Texas vs Ark
  11. Penn St vs BC
  12. Cal vs UofM
  13. Oregon vs Boise St
  14. UCLA vs IU
  15. OK st vs Oregon St
  16. Wisc vs Tenn
  17. ASU vs A&M
  18. Virg vs Air Force
  19. Colorado vs BYU
  20. FSU vs Fresno St
  21. Bama vs MSU
  22. TTech vs G Tech
  23. S Miss vs Miss St
  24. Purdue vs Wake
  25. Memphis vs Maryland


One thought on “My rankings

  1. Hawaii?….?…really? I guess this goes back to “what is ranking all about?”…record/accomplishment vs. who do you think is really the best team. I do think 12-0 means something, but I would have a pretty hard time thinking they could beat all these other teams.
    That being said, I’m rooting for Hawaii to win big.

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