My best moment in ministry

One of my favorite scrubs episodes is “my best moment in medicine”. IT starts out with people imagining these incredulous events in the hospital and or meaningless insignificant ones. It ends with one story, and each person having a different part. One making the right decisions, one doing the surgery, one being listened to and contributing, one pulling string administratively, one helping the kid, and one mentoring…


And in the end, it is something that reminds them why they are doing what they do…


And so, this post continues on the thought of “the highlight of my life”… but only in regards to ministry…

There are many highlights in my life, and many significant moments in ministry… but often i forget…


Wouldn’t it be great if we all just took a moment and thought about our best moment in ministry?


For me, again there are periods of time – my last 3 years at Purdue for sure, my last year at Michigan, and last year here… as well as summer projects in WildWood both in 02 & 05 and Turkey in 01…


There are three talks that stick out to me

  1. As a student i spoke at SPARC in Indiana- a few days before i was asked to speak on pain… As i got there, i still wasn’t very confident in what i was going to say. Ironically i spoke on grace and not fearing others response, but as i sat down, i was afraid no one was listening… i saw people face down a lot – but as it turned out, heads were in hands crying… i ended the talk by saying “It’s not your fault” 3 times… a year later Robin Williams repeated my line in a famous movie… i’ve tried to duplicate this talk, but it couldn’t be done. God was supernaturally moving in the hearts of men & women that night.
  2. There is one talk i have given multiple times – 6 times i think… on Genesis 22… it was good enough for Jeff to come down to the front as soon as i was done and tell me i did a great job
  3. my last talk at Michigan may not have been as powerful, but it did garnish a ton of laughs! I tell you, there is not much more gratifying than hearing 300-400 people laughing at your humor… or seeing people literally falling out of their seats in laughter.


The last one may be my best feeling… but not the best moment in ministry


Really, i look at two things

As a student at Purdue two summer in a row i felt the Lord calling me to pray for specific individuals. Both times they were people i knew, but wasn’t that close. Each year ended with me being supertight and each year ended with my friends lives being transformed by Christ.

The first year it was Andy- he was my roommates best friend… and sure enough, he showed up to our room during the first week of school- and right away God gave me the opportunity to share with him… he started coming to Bible study, and eventually i decided i should start discipling him. When i asked him to share his testimony, he informed he had just asked Christ into his heart a week earlier! I thought he was already a believer…


As awesome as that moment was… it was a year later that was more exciting… The last week of September i received a call from Andy – and all he said was “He’s a believer now”

Andy prayed all summer that one of his co-workers: Josh – would become a Christian before the end of September… and sure enough, the last week, he did!


I love the last story, because it shows Andy’s growth. I am a bigger fan of growth than the individual decision.


I love all these stories because they show God answering prayer, it shows God working before hand, and in all, God doing something incredible and changing lives.


I think i need to remember these things to keep me going sometimes.


What is your best moment in ministry?


One thought on “My best moment in ministry

  1. dude, that #1 moment seems pretty sweet. i would have loved to have been there for that one.I’d say my number one moment was when I was a student at Ocean City, and we put together this prayer night where God was just totally there. I got to challenge the students to go overseas, and I also challenged them to do a forty day fast. Their reactions to the whole evening were incredible. There were a lot of tears, and a ton of brokenness, and people committing their lives to being sold out for the Lord.

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