The time i laughed the hardest

Ben asked this question was asked a couple weeks ago… most everyone gave sceanrio’s, i gave a story…

When did you laugh the hardest?

i’m sure for some people it was listening to my Jonah talk, when i shared my skiing story… but they may not remember it… and Matt Bong may say it was when i said “How about putt-putt”… so apparently my pain and idiocy makes people laugh… but they are my most glorious moments

i did laugh pretty hard at my roomate Scott during NST and his dating exploits… i always felt kinda bad as he shared his struggles, and i just died laughing

i laugh a lot. i like laughing. and i get compliments on my laugh. Some people think i’m funny, i think it’s more that i am laughing all the time…

but here is my story – i imagine it’s a lot funnier if i told it to you… and so much funnier if you were there… (if you don’t want all the details, skip to paragraph 4).

The whole day was pretty funny, i was hanging out with Matt Herbert & Jason wagner most of the day, starting with saturday morning basketball of course and then waffles over at Merideth… then those guys came back and we watched Hercules together, making comments of course…

In the evening after dinner, Marc Christie came over with Josh Wheeler, Scott Clough and Nathan Holbrook to hang out with Matt & i. After bumming around a little i informed the guys we were going to go see Good Will Hunting and the Purdue theatre. Marc decided to hang out after telling some other friends he didn’t want to see a girl movie… and now all of us men were going to go over and watch.

Of course we were all talking about how pothetic we were as a bunch of single guys watching a movie like this without a date, and we still had the giggles from earlier in the day… and were still cracking jokes…

When the movie started however, we got shushed a couple times and decided we should shut up – this is why i like watching movies at home- so we were getting into the movie…

And then… then just as the movie was getting really serious… y’know the part where she says “Why can’t you say you love me?” and he responds ” I don’t”… you know that part where all the drama gets incited, and your heart is drawn in… at that precise moment… not on purpose by any means, without any precoceived intention… my buddy marc sitting next to me lets out the loudest yawn! Mouth open, no hand covering it, just a long loud yawn!

Now as i mentioned before, we were laughing all day… and upon hearing this, all i could think about doing was laugh… but i couldn’t, not here, not now, not at this moment

i tucked my head down by my knees and bit down on my bottom lip as hard as could

When right next to me, my friend Matt doing the same let out a small litle snicker – most likely a noise coming from his nose… and i LOST IT!

i could not contain my laughter… and then neither could Matt or the other guys… and we’re pretty sure the row behind us…. Everyone accept the 2 girls we knew who came to the movie after we got there and sat by us- who were both embarrassed and angry, and marc, who didn’t even realize what he had done!

It was typical Marc Christie, a guy’s guy… and clueless… i think the fact we were trying so hard not to laugh, made it even funnier….

What’s your story? When did you laugh the hardest?



3 thoughts on “The time i laughed the hardest

  1. That reminds me so much of a wedding I was at. I was next to Machel and Bails (longtime roommate of myself and Machel), in the very front row behind the parents/grandparents. Now Bails has an absolutely contagious laugh. During the ceremony, the minister mispronounces the groom’s name as “Balzarian” instead of “Balzarini”. We all snicker a little, and I make the mistake of under my breath muttering “Balzar the traveler, Balzar the destructor, Balzar the Balzarian has come!” (Think back to Ghostbusters… Gozer). Both guys next to me, especially Bails, loses it, causing me to lose it, all while trying to be quiet since it’s the middle of a serious part of the ceremony.

  2. I don’t remember the time I laughed the hardest “ever” but I do remember the time I laughed the hardest with you.  It was during our Stint year at the NW conference.  We were in an elevator when the trashcan in there started smoking because someone had thrown a cigarette in it.  When the doors opened in the lobby, you turned to the old local couple in the elevator, pointed to the trashcan, shook your head, said “Bu hao” (for those who don’t speak the language that means “not good”), and walked off the elevator.  I think it was just the irony of the moment…you poor language skills understating an obviously “not good” situation.  I still laugh when I think about it.

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