On what makes something funny

humor and laughter and what makes something funny is an interesting thing… that we don’t really think about… but it is interesting what one person finds hilarious, another finds annoying… or worse yet just not funny.

Back in college my girlfriend started asking me “Why did you laugh at that?” i could only respond with “I don’t know, i guess i thought it was funny.” Then she’d ask “Why did you think it was funny” And i’d say “I don’t know… funny is funny… now that i’m analyzing it, it’s not funny anymore…”

i find that if someone laughs at my jokes it is the most encouraging thing. My best friends are people who laugh with me and laugh at me. Laugh at my jokes and we’ll be friends for life!

There are times i want to find something funny, but i can’t. i try to laugh at jokes, but it’s just not funny.

And there are times i try to be funny, but can’t do it. And certain audiences will crack up at something i do, while others might give a courtesy ha.

They say the key to comedy is timing… i agree… and maybe attitude… my secret is to be quiet for a long time and then get really loud… or to be boisterous and laugh myself- that always gets people.

i don’t know how funny i am, or if i just laugh a lot so people think i’m funny. i’ve had friends introduce me to toher friends as one of the funniest people they knew- twice- and it surprised me each time- and each time it was by someone i consider to be really funny. So, i’m pretty sure i’m always laiughing at their jokes…

What makes something funny?

Any ideas?

i think it is knowing your audience…
it’s being dramatic
it’s being animated
it’s being ironic
its being boisterous

my favorite comedians
1. Jerry Seinfeld
2. Conan O’brian
3. Adam Sandler
4. Owen Wilson
5. Robin Williams
6. Mike Myers
7. Bill Cosby
8. Kevin James
9. Will Ferrel
10. David Letterman
11. Jim Carrey
12. Drew Carry

but, i find people i know funnier…


One thought on “On what makes something funny

  1. fun little string of posts… i’m a big fan of irony. i love laughing at the ridiculousness of life, too… and puns are always good… and when people fall down or trip i’m liable to laugh so hard i fall over, too.

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