My Thai experience

I spent a week in Thailand accompanying Ben as he went to the hospital.

It didn’t feel like a vacation, and wasn’t all that relaxing.

I guess it wasn’t vacation, so i had a hard time just relaxing and enjoying myself. I kept on feelins like i should be doing something productive.


Plus, we didn’t really know when we would leave. And probably the biggest factor was not having free access to money.


Apparently my atm card expired last month. My other atm card only works here, and the credit card in my wallet didn’t work.


Of course, i always have trouble while traveling.


Before we left, we prayed and someone prayed we wouldn’t have any difficulties in our travel. I found it easier to believe God would completely heal Ben, than us not having difficulty in traveling.


All in all, it wasn’t too bad until my return trip. Once Ben got the ok to leave i went to purchase the ticket i had seen earlier in the day, only to find it was gone. So, i had to stay an extra day. And the other tickets i got also went up in price quite a bit.


Then last night i debated on sleeping at the airport or trying to get a hotel. At first i decided to just stay at the airport, but then decided i could afford it, and i could potentially get 7 hours sleep and a shower, and take a dump…


So, i take someone’s offer… and they take me to a dump… no western toilet, no shower, no sink… and it was right by a busy street, after 40 minutes i went down to try to get my money back (and they clearly were charging me 3 times as much as they should have been).


They moved me to another room that was quieter… but i was still struggling to sleep… and just when i did… i hear a buzzing in my ear! I hate that! And last year in the same city i got bit 40 times one night…

But eventually i started to fall asleep- when then again the buzz came!

A few seconds i heard something worse… and jumped out of bed, launching the covers in the air. I paused, ran over and turned the light on… and moved toward the window.. and sure enough… there was a mouse outside my room trying to get in!


I was going to have nothing to do with that, so packed up my stuff(all my food i brought back), checked out of the hotel and walked 20+ minutes back to the airport and slept on some benches…


But i did have doughnuts i brought back from Thailand for breakfast and a peppermint mocha from starbucks.


I’m not sure what the highlight of the week was… it could be the doughnuts i ate… or maybe going to the theatre to watch a couple of movies with great special effects, but not very good movies… though you, me  & dupree in the hotel, or watching the title fight in the morning was pretty good… or maybe Outback… or maybe coming back with gifts for the girls…


4 thoughts on “My Thai experience

  1. doughnuts make everything better. 
    Your traveling experience reminds me of my youth group.  We used to joke about how there was a curse, because anytime we went anywhere, even after we moved to the college group, we always had traveling issues.  Let’s just say, have you ever had to hitch a ride with a state trooper?  I have, more than once.

  2. So sorry about your return trip. Hopefully you weren’t in too cold of a city to walk to the airport. But a peppermint mocha does help. By the way, if you were still in Bangkok, can you tell us which hotel to not go to near the airport? We’ve been looking around for one.

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