On revenge

I’ve noticed a lot of movies have a theme of revenge in it. Revenge, even more than redemption seem to be a compelling story. Think about it. Just about every movie has some sort of revenge in it –does it not?


And we watch these shows hoping the bad guy will get their due in the end. We root for this almost as much as we root for the good guy to win. We want the bad guy to lose.


We want to see the bad guy get theirs. We want to see the good guy vindicated. We want to see the good guy come out on top, but that alone isn’t enough if the bad guy doesn’t get what he deserves… A wonderful life doesn’t have that, but SNL did a parody that i think most would prefer…


As i watched these movies, i wondered why our heart craves this revenge…

I wonder how much we do this in our day to day life – live with an attitude of revenge.



I don’t think we think ourselves vengeful people, or people bent on revenge, but i bet it influences us more than we think!


When someone wrongs us, we want revenge and retribution. When the airlines charges me extra money, i want everyone to boycott them. When someone hurts me, i want to hurt them back. Someone makes fun of me, i make fun of them. Someone says something to make me look bad, i want to say something that makes them look bad.

Someone cheats me, i want to cheat them.



Justice of course, is a trait of God. And the Bible is full of stories where good prevails in the end. Evil will not go unpunished.


We just want what is fair.


I think i like the idea of karma. I do something good for someone, and i will get blessed for it in the future. Someone may get away with evil now, but they will pay eventually.


But it doesn’t seem like life is always like that. Life is far from fair… it is unfair. The good go unrewarded, the evil go unpunished. The evil get away with their evil and seem to prosper, while the good guy gets screwed.


Sometimes it’s hard to not just take revenge on people. Someone cheats me, i want to cheat them back. Someone says something mean to me, i want to say piercing in return.


And when bad things happen, it’s hard to believe God is just and God is good.


The story of Joseph has been a great comfort for me lately… though it is more comforting when it is about Joseph, and not about me…


Joseph was hated and got sold-out by his own brothers. Got repaid evil for doing good by Potipher. Was forgotten by a person he helped…. But God was always with him.


And with each bad thing, came a good thing… then a worse thing happened to him… which led to an even better thing!


I feel when i read the story of Joseph it is like a movie. But at the end of the story in Genesis, i know that new troubles await the Israelites… but then i realize, God will be with them again, and show Himself greater… and give them an even greater land… of course then they lose all again… which leads to Jesus and the everlasting Kingdom…


Bad things happen… but what man intends for evil, God intends for good. He doesn’t just use evil things- He intends them!


In the end, God is just. And justice will be served. Christ will pay for the sin, or the sinner will.


And i guess, i can think i am one of the good guys who deserves good karma… but i guess that isn’t true…

so, i’m glad life isn’t fair and i don’t get what i deserve…


And i need to submit that desire for revenge in God’s hands, and trust Him, and be content.


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