my day… and week

Today was quite interesting as i went Christmas shopping… a lil bit different than America… i mean do we get people food for Christmas in America?

As always i wind up buying more for me than for the people i am buying for…

Today, i saw one of the strangest things i’ve ever seen… we were walking by this store, and i could swear i saw the manquin blink… but it was blinking so much it almost seemed timed. It was a wedding store, so it was a woman in a bridal gown and all made up(which is kind of a powery white)… and she just kept blinking and looked like it was moving too though it was sitting perfectly still in one place… so we went back to the window and waved… and she waved back!

i couldn’t imagine that job- sitting in a store window dressed up all day, sitting as still as possible… but i guess she wasn’t a buckingham palace guard- because she waved back and smiled(albeit a bashful embarassed smile).

and have you ever got so sleepy you not only started falling asleep
while someone was praying… but you started falling asleep while you
were praying? That happened tonight… and now i’m up way late again

Yesterday while out with some of my friends, one asked me if i had ever at sheep bowels. i couldn’t understand exactly what they were saying- but they spelled it out for me- literally. i said no way at first, but i knew i had ate intestines before… but then he took me outside to look at it… and nope, what i ate was bowles!(which may not be much worse, but certainly seems like it)…

and when it came… i ate some more… i don’t know what’s worse- that i ate bowels, or that i knowlingly ate bowels?

To be assured, my friend told me inside was lungs, heart… and guts… oh Asia…

Earlier in the week was Lindsey’s birthday, and following course people got a swipe of frosting on their face… but that’s not all that much fun… so i smashed frosting all over people’s faces… oh, it was so much fun- maybe the most fun i’ve had all year!

We tried to go see a meteor shower friday night, but it was too cloudy…

i’m glad to be back


4 thoughts on “my day… and week

  1. The guys here went out at around midnight and drove outside of town and they said they had a good view of the shower. Crazy that our city could be clear enough and yours not.
    And you must mean praying out loud and falling asleep, I’m sure I have too. But get some rest, friend! We will see you soon.

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